10 Handy Tips for Better Digestion

10-handy-tips-for-better-digestionDigestive problem is very common among all range of people and there are many ways people are attempting to get rid of it. However, not all of them are helpful and can give a permanent solution in a natural way. Here you can find few handy digestion tips that you can rely on for a better digestion condition.

Maintain the Order of Digestibility When Eating: Always start your meals with the easiest to digest foods and move slowly towards the more complex one. Below you can find the required time sequences to digest different food groups:

• Juices and water: 20-30 minutes
• Soups, fruits, smoothies: 30-45 minutes
• Different vegetables: 30-45 minutes
• Grains, starches, beans: 2-3 house
• Fish, poultry, meat: 3 hours or more.

Drink Warm Liquids With Your Food: The digestive process may slow down with ice cold drinks; on the other hand, warm or room temperature juice, decaf tea or water will encourage appropriate digestion.

Eat Meals at Regular Times: Maintaining a proper and regular eating time is essential for the betterment of the digestive system. Eating foods from similar groups at similar times every day has a flexible effect on your digestive system.

Maintain what and how much You Eat: Indigestion can happen for over consumption. Our brain conveys the signal of fullness about 10 minutes after we are actually full. Therefore, stop eating before you feel full and you will feel really full after ten minutes.

Chew Your Food Fully: Avoid talking while eating since it will lead you to incomplete chewing and premature swallowing. The digestive system can’t handle with large pieces of foods and when we put oversized pieces into our stomachs, it can create digestive discomfort.

Stay Relaxed While Eating: Eating in a rush will increase stress; as a result, the digestive process will slow down. Eat in a nice and calm atmosphere and make certain that you can devote time while eating.

Practice Good Eating Posture: A bad sitting will put extra pressure on your digestive organs inside the abdomen which may lead to poor digestion. Always sit keeping your shoulders back and the chin tucked in to ensure more space for the digestive appendages which will lead you to better digestion.

Avoid Eating Late at Night: Human bodies, so as the digestive system slows down and gets ready to relax and rejuvenate in the evening hours. If you put food into the stomach during these late hours, they can’t be properly digested due to lack of enough digestive enzymes. These undigested foods will remain in your stomach for longer period of time and may disturb your sleep.

Take a Quick Walk after Eating: It’s a common thinking that 30 minutes following a meal should remain relaxed. Whereas, increased physical activities, such as a quick walk after eating, actually helps to jumpstart the digestive system and boosts the digestive enzyme productivity, resulting to a more comprehensive digestion of your meal.

Endeavor a Spinal Twist: The release of digestive enzymes can be enhanced through few spinal twists after a meal. Seat in a cross leg position, slowly bend to the right and take 5 deep breathes, then go over this practice on the left side.

10 Handy Tips for Better Digestion
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