10 Health Benefits of Laughter

10-health-benefits-of-laughterLaughter is a good way of dissolving tension, anxiety, irritation, stress, grief, anger and depression, in other word, being healthy. After a full heart of laughter, you can get a feeling of well-being and putting this to as a habit will lengthen your life in a healthy manner. There is several health benefits of laughter and below are discussed the most vital 10s.

• Laughter not only makes them feel better who practices it, but also is beneficial for surrounding people who laugh with them too since laughter is highly contagious.

• Laughter prompts the release of endorphins, the natural painkillers of human body, and thus provides a general sense of being healthy.

• The immune system of human body gets triggered through laughter. Moreover, it decreases stress hormones that narrow blood vessels and repress immune activity.

• Laughter is one of the best medicines against heart disease. Researchers have shown that people with any kind of heart diseases were 40% less probable to laugh in a range of situations compared to other people of the same age who don’t have heart disease.

• Laughter is equivalent to a minimalist form of exercise. According to physicians, this light exercise massages all the human body organs.

• Laughter builds good relationships. It is a good way of establishing or restoring a positive emotional environment and a sense of association between two people who take pleasure together with each other.

• Laughter neutralizes tension and stress. Besides, it can break subtle barriers of shy people in the way they represent themselves to communicate with others and express their thoughts, ideas and feelings they otherwise would have continued to themselves.

• Laughter brings the balance people need to get through the instability of life comfortably.

• A person with good sense of humor can rise to any challenge, accept the inevitable, handle unexpected situations with ease, and come out from any difficult condition smiling.

• Laughter adds excitement to life.

10 Health Benefits of Laughter
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