11 Ways to Sleep Better: Treat Yourself Better in Bed

11-ways-to-sleep-better-treat-yourself-in-bedThe recent research has shown that most people do not get a good night sleep. Due to lack of a good-quality sleep, you will be feeling tired all day long. This will in turn lead to other hazards like road accidents, poor working due to lack of concentration, sickness and lack of attractive looks due to lack of adequate sleep.

In order to feel good and looking jovial, its always advisable that you get yourself enough sleep. Sleeping is not just getting into bed and closing your eyes for several hours but it is about quality sleep. You should always ensure that you get about seven to nine hour sleep. There are tips to quality sleep and they include;

1. Ensure that you have a favorable sleeping surrounding: For you to get the rest that you want, your room should have the atmosphere that is favorable. A good bedroom should be dark enough and have quality ventilations. Always ensure that there is enough air and warmth in your bedroom. Make sure the blankets are not too few nether should they be too many.

2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco: Before going to bed avoid tea, coffee sodas and chocolates as they tend to keep your mind stimulated. You should not take a drink before you go bed as this will be depressing. Though alcohol is able to give you a heavy sleep, the effects are not pleasing at all. Smoking should also be avoided before bed time as it is known to a stimulant. When you smoke before bed time, be assured that you will wake up in the middle of the night.

3. Exercise regularly: Always ensure that you have spirited exercise in the evening. This helps because you will feel tired while going to bed

4. Have a bedtime schedule: A bedtime schedule will ensure that you go to bed at the required time and avoid early rising. But again avoid over sleeping even on weekends.

5. Keep bed a place for sleep: Your bed should be a place to sleep and not relaxing as this might trigger sleep at the wrong hour. Therefore, avoid doing your chores from the bed and watching the television while resting on the bed.

6. Take a glass of warm milk: Milk before bed is known to relax the mind thus is good for your body before sleep.

7. Have a relaxation: Relaxation could be in terms of a warm bath or massage.

8. Have routines: These routines may entail reading, brushing teeth and turning on the fun.

9. Don’t nap during the day: This will reduce the hours that you are supposed to sleep, at night.

10. Don’t eat before sleeping: Don’t take heavy meals before bedtime as they will interfere with your sleep. A lot of heat will be generated thus bringing about discomforts.

11. Medication:Avoid taking sleeping pills as you will get used to them thus you wont be able to sleep without them.

11 Ways to Sleep Better: Treat Yourself Better in Bed
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