3 Exercises Which Will Keep You Younger

3-exercises-which-will-keep-you-youngerAging is being considered as everyone’s worst enemy and all of us want to be young forever by fighting against this enemy with all means. But the fact is that, aging is a universal matter that everyone will definitely have to encounter. The trick is to slow down the aging so that you can stay young and look better for most possible period of time. Nowadays, although there are many anti aging products are available in the market and the number of products is gradually growing everyday, but regularly exercise is the most effective and natural means of anti aging techniques.

Exercise will improve blood circulation which will improve complexion, strengthen, tighten and tone muscles, improve overall health, reduce stress and thereby keep you young. The best exercise is walking. Doctors recommend walking for 45 minutes in the morning and again another 45 minutes in the evening. However, you can break it into 15 minute sessions. Moreover, walking up the stairs is also a good form of exercise.

Aerobics is another way to retard aging. It is an excellent cardio vascular exercise which can help to maintain schedules for those with little time to exercise. Warm up for 5 minutes. Do the aerobic exercises for another 5 minutes. The next 5 minutes can be taken up by floor exercises. Use another 5 minutes to cool down.

You can also fight the signs of aging by taking up swimming. Freestyle, butterfly stroke and backstroke will all keep you in good shape. In addition to all this, here is one great exercise you can do while in the pool. Stand and hold on to the side bars with your hands. Now act like you are running. Do this for 5 – 10 minutes every time you go for a swim.

Take up all three or even one from above with healthy anti aging diet. This is the best gift you can give yourself.

3 Exercises Which Will Keep You Younger
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