3 Must Know First Aid Steps For Diabetics

3-must-know-first-aid-steps-for-diabeticsDiabetes can influence your life in many ways. You have to give up many foods and introduce physical exercise in your life to stay healthy. There are many adverse effects of high or low blood sugar which require immediate action and in the absence of instant first aid; the person may even drift to coma. The symptoms that show that blood sugar has been affected are too much hunger, superficial breathing, faintness or weakness, confusion, palpitations, rapid pulse, sweaty and cold skin and dropping response. If you are diabetic it is a must for you to carry a card that gives out the warning. Always carry your tablets, insulin injection and glucose gel along with you.

The most important first aid steps required during the blood sugar attack are:

• Make the patient calm down and seat.

• Make him consume something sweet like sweet drink or candy. If you cannot decide whether the blood sugar has increased or decreased provide him the sugar anyway.

• If the patient improves after sugar intake then supply him something else to eat. However if the patient is unconscious do not try to force anything into his mouth but call for an ambulance.

It is important to visit a doctor after diabetes attack since it leaves you weak and tired. If you have been unconscious the doctor may even admit you to the hospital. Some patients may even face vomiting or drowsiness during diabetic attack. Remember always your main aim of this first aid is to raise the level of sugar and get the person as soon as possible to the doctor. Since you cannot carry out the first aid yourself if unconscious it is better to write instructions on the diabetic warning card and carry sweets or candies with you. Never skip a meal instead take five small meals in place of three large ones. And most significantly, never smoke.

3 Must Know First Aid Steps For Diabetics
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