5 Home Remedies to Treat Acne

5-home-remedies-to-treat-acneAcne has become a common problem these days, every second person suffers from acne. There are many ways to treat acne, but home remedies have given the best results. Here are some simple home remedies to cure acne.

• One of the best home remedy to treat acne is to apply toothpaste on the pimple overnight. This will reduce the swelling of the pimple. But make sure the toothpaste you use is in the form of a paste and not gel.

• The oil in the skin is what aggravates acne, so make sure you wash your wash at least twice a day with warm salty water. You can even clean your face with cotton dipped in rose water, three to four times a day.

• Apply fresh mint juice on your face every night before you sleep. Mint juice is an excellent medicine not only for acne but also for blemishes, pimples and other skin problems.

• Applying a paste of fresh methi leaves (fenugreek leaves) on the face and then washing off after about fifteen minutes every night will work wonders for acne. You can dabb some crushed garlic on your face to treat acne. This will be a bit smelly but the effect is worth it.

• Another most effective home remedy for acne is to scrub a lemon peel on the face and then wash off with warm water. If not the peel, you can even apply lemon juice on your face in the night and wash off in the morning.
These are some of the most effective home remedies to treat acne. If you follow a healthy diet along with these remedies then you don’t bother about that ugly acne on your face, these remedies and diet will keep your face clear and glowing for years to come.

5 Home Remedies to Treat Acne
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