5 Tips to Beat Prickly Heat Using Home Remedies

5-tips-to-beat-prickly-heat-using-home-remediesHome health care is the best way to treat prickly heat. Prickly heat is always quite painful and irritating doesn’t matter if the victim is you or your kids. Prickly heat is also called as heat rash. It is caused during summers when sweat tends to collect in certain areas of our body resulting in tiny red boils on the skin. These boils are irritating and they are itchy. It normally breaks out in the back, waist area, chest and underarms. It affects people of all age groups and children too get affected because of excessive sweating and they suffer a lot of discomfort.

There are many home remedies available for prickly heat which is quite effective. Five ways in which to beat prickly heat using home remedies are mentioned below—

• Oatmeal powder is very useful for providing relief. You need to add a small amount of oatmeal powder to your bathtub water and take a dip it is very soothing and comforting.

• Soak cotton swaps in cold water and place these swaps smoothly over the affected area. This will keep the place wet and free from dust and germs, few of the most vital prickly heat triggers.

• Apply a paste of gram flour over the affected area. Make the paste in a neither so liquid nor so dry, so that the paste remains on the spot instead of slopping down.

• Applying a paste of fuller’s earth is another good way of home prickly heat treatment. You should mix the fuller’s earth in rose water or plain water and make a thick paste.

• Rubbing ice cubes on the affected area will make you sooth. Moreover, you can apply herbal talcum powder which is effective healing the boils.

You can find many other treatments of prickly heat around you but home remedies are always better since they don’t have any side effects.

5 Tips to Beat Prickly Heat Using Home Remedies
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