7 Must Know Tips about Acne Treatment

7-must-know-tips-about-acne-treatmentAcne is a common problem especially among teens and most of the time the situation gets worst due to lack of proper knowledge. Most patients consider this as a thing that must be washed off immediately, whereas this can be done only through proper care and treatment. Here you can find 7 acne treating tips that can certainly help you out.

Don’t Aim to Wash it off: Dirt is certainly not a cause of acne so there is no point of washing it too much since it will make the situation worse by making the skin dry and sore. People with dry skin can continue using moisturizer since it won’t affect acne badly. But if you are too concerned, an oil free moisturizer would be a good choice.

Don’t Nuke Them: Control your temptation to nuke acne with the most powerful over the counter potions, creams, lotions or gels. If you do so, the most probable result you may have is an irritating skin that can drive you mad. Also, the skin may go completely dry and scaly. However, if you would still like to bleach, start from the mildest one and then go for higher power gradually.

When to Go to the Doctor: If you are not seeing any real improvements in your acne condition after using the over the counter solutions for two months, this is the time for you to make an appointment with a skin specialist.

Two Months Rule for Medication: The most probable thing your doctor is going to give you is antibiotics, either tablets you need to take regularly or topical, means something you have to put on your skin. Whatever remedies your doctor recommends, follow them carefully for at least two months. If you see a noticeable improvement in your situation, it’s ok. If not, consult with the doctor again and follow the revised guidelines and this time keep in touch with him or her for the next two months. If the treatment seems to be working, the doctor will suggest you to continue with it. But if not, don’t just despair, there are many more spot busters waiting to be tried.

Getting impatient? Don’t Be: Always remember that you are not alone. There are countless teenagers seeking help for treating acne and if your surrounding people really care about you, they probably won’t even notice your acne spots. You have to be patient considering the minimum time a treatment might take. There are many treatments that can work much faster depending on the type of acne you have. But if you are not as lucky as them, it may take months or even years to get rid of your acne situation.

The Month Cycle: A general tendency of acne is to getting worse before or during the period because of the surge in the hormone levels. But boys don’t lightly get away either. Male acne gets worse when they work in hot and sweaty conditions, particularly when they play exhausting games like football.

Choose Your Beauty Products Carefully: Some beauty products such as pomades, defrizzing solutions for hair and some other heavier cosmetics are a big NO in an acne condition since they may cause a projection of blackheads down the hairline. Also, be careful about suntan oils since some of them may cause you break out. One more thing to be considered that acne may dry up by the sun and may be hidden by tan, but still your skin is vulnerable under direct sun contact and requires protection.

7 Must Know Tips about Acne Treatment
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