7 Pointers to Boost a Bad Mood

7-pointers-to-boost-a-bad-moodTo live a long and healthy life, everyone must have the motivation to go on and a good mood is vital to keep up with positive motivation. A bad mood will not only make your appearance gloomy, also it lowers your immune functionality which leads the way to various kinds of illness. Here you can find few handy tips to boost your mood, spirit and therefore, your overall health condition.

A Laughing Matter: Research has shown that joy and laughter boost immune functions, particularly the production of natural killer cells that defends the body from common sorts of illness. Also, laughter enhances the release of endorphins, an active compound that provide you a feel of well-being, in your brain.

Amino Acid for Restoring Mindset: When bad mood is being created through an imbalance or deficiency, Europeans use certain supplements made of natural compound found in human cells in order to regulate mood and reinstate a healthy mindset. Methionine is an amino acid that is being produced from SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) that plays a vital role in the reproduction of uplifting neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Taking supplements with vitamin B12 and B6 combination will help you to get a boost from SAMe.

Hands-On Healing: The production of growth hormone, endorphins and DHEA can be increased through human touch and all of them lengthen life span and decrease the negative impact of stress. Researches have shown that patients who are touched regularly recover faster than those with fewer touches. So hugging someone can make both of you feel improvements in mood.

Boost Youth Hormones: A study has established that pills are not required to have a boost on growth hormones, rather, doing leg presses and squats will massively increase your production of youth hormones naturally and increased growth hormones will result to an elevated mood. So keep it up with your regular work outs like knee bends, weight training, rowing and push-ups.

Take a Healthy Breath: In order to dispel the wastes and toxins from your body, breathing correctly is significant. It is estimated that a person can expel around 30% of toxins in his body through the bladder and bowels; the rest 70% is all respiratory. Breathing is a great way to have a clear mind, boost energy and improvement in mood. So, regularly practice slow, rhythmic, deed breathing with mind-body disciplines like tai chi, qigong, yoga and mediation.

Smell the Joy: Smell has a specific impact on our body and mind. By stimulating the olfactory nerves inside our nose, we activate the limbic mechanism of our brain, which works with our memories and moods. This concept has been implemented on aromatherapy, a natural and traditional health condition boosting process that uses the healing powers of strong scented plants like jasmine and eucalyptus.

Feel Good with Flowers: Flowers are a traditional and effective get-well gesture because of its strong influence on moods. Study has shown that during a typing assignment of five minutes, people sitting beside a flowering bouquet were more stress-free than those who sat next to foliages.

Adapt these tips into your daily life and you will feel the difference inside you on the path of your long, happy and healthy life.

7 Pointers to Boost a Bad Mood
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