Basic Tips for Dieting

basic-tips-for-dietingWhen people about dieting they simply mean a determined attempt to shed off extra calories. A sure way of dropping weight is to take minimal calories each day than the body requires. Since resistance from insulin is the basic factor behind excess weight and effects of obesity, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a doctor as regards dieting planning. Asking a physician’s advice is the first step towards reducing excess weight that bothers you a great deal. Some of the successful tips about loosing extra weight as are follows:


Water is known to be a vital compound in our bodies. it is advisable to take in water in the amounts of between two to five liters per day but this may depend on the weather changes within your area. it is important to note that coffee, tea and alcoholic products have dehydrating elements that greatly reduce water levels in the body. Some people may think that liquids like juice and soda can make a superb substitute of pure water but this is not the case; these liquids reduce the body’s need for more water.

Junk foods

People have a misguided mentality about food; eating junk food doesn’t mean cutting excess weight as such because these foods have very low nutrients with high levels of fats, calories and sugar. They include candy, foods with high levels of salt, fried chips, gum, cakes, hamburgers and chocolates among others. These particular foods are not rich in vitamins, proteins and contain high calories.

Eating intervals

Eating too much food doesn’t help you reduce weight but by practicing proper eating habits, you eventually succeed in reducing excessive weight. Eat small or little foods in short intervals and make sure you do not eat your meals late into the night. By doing this you lock out chances of obesity. Eating foods regularly enhances your rate of metabolism as the body responds to the regular eating plan and puts your body in a better position to act on calories without saving them.

Artificial foods

Stay away from processed foods that have preservatives put in them.

Alcohols and fatty meals

You have to understand that alcohol metabolism takes place in the liver as it is with fats. Therefore, the liver will be over burdened because it has to break the fats and also metabolize alcohol. The fats has very minimal levels of oil which is they have little calories in them. By burning fats instead of storing, you are simply saying no to excess weight.


It’s important to identify the right exercise and the pattern of doing it. Make sure it fits in your daily routine as well as activities and make a little more appealing by using videos and sometimes audios.

You can also reduce body weight and fats by getting the right diet plan, selecting foods with minimal levels of sugar, carbohydrates and sodium, eat from the plate and jar as these helps you determine the quantity of food you are consuming, take high amounts of soup but ensure the soup is fresh, maintain a daily record amount foods you eat, do not miss any meal, try to eat vegetable salad as well as fruits and ensure you eat fresh fruits since they are known to have low levels of calories and fats. It is worthy your efforts when you do not eat fruits such as olives, avocados and coconuts because they have natural fats in them.

Basic Tips for Dieting
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