Causes of Dark Skin and Tips to Make Your Skin Fair

tips-to-make-your-skin-fairDark skin tone is not a natural issue all the times, darkening of skin can also happen due to hyper pigmentation and few other reasons. Both natural and converted dark skin has more skin pigment Melanin in comparison with a fair skin and the skin will become more blemished and patchy as the quantity of melanin increases.

The first step of treating dark skin is to identify the causes. There are plenty of factors that can darken your skin and the most common of them are as follows:

Heredity: Most of the natural form of dark skins is caused by heredity. Children of dark skinned parents often have dark skins since the genes pass through generation to generation.

Hyper Pigmentation: Skins with hyper pigmentation always produces plenty of melanin, as a result the skin turns darker.

Skin Disorders: There are various types of skin disorders like Lichen Simplex Chronicus that causes rigorous itching that makes the skin dark, thick and patchy.

Sun Rays: To protect itself from the injurious ultra violet rays of the sun, the skin generates more pigment melanin which defends the penetration of sun rays into the skin. As a result of increased melanin, the skin becomes dark.

To lighten the skin tone and have a fair complexion, you are recommended to follow there simple home remedy tips in a regular basis. Include these steps into your daily routine and you will surely get the best result.

• Make a blend with milk powder, honey and lemon juice each of 1 table spoon and almond oil of half table spoon. Apply the mix on face and wash after 10 to 15 minutes; you will get a shine on the skin while reducing the darkness.

• Apply a compound of oatmeal, curd and tomato on your face, wait for 20 minutes and wash off with clean water. Your skin will be lightened.

• Placing raw potato slice on the face helps reducing blemishes and other spots on the skin.

• Lime juice acts as natural bleach and applying lime juice along with turmeric powder helps removing the tan.

• Dried orange peels with curd help reducing scars and blemishes too. This mixture should be washed off after 15 minutes of applying.

• After soaking overnight, grind 4 almonds into a fine paste with milk. Apply the paste on the face and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it off with cold water. Repeat this for 15 days and then 2 days a week.

• Mix one table spoon of gram flower, 2-3 drops of lime juice and two table spoon of milk. Apply this mixture on face and keep it for 15 minutes. Repeating this for 4 weeks everyday followed by once a week will give good result against dark skin.

• Applying fresh ground mint leave paste on face for 15 minutes before washing off will help to get fair skin tone.

Aside from these practices, you must maintain a balanced diet and eat adequate mount of cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you must avoid heavy and oily foods and drink a lot of water to get a fair skin tone.

Causes of Dark Skin and Tips to Make Your Skin Fair
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