Effective Topical Treatments That Help Reducing Wrinkles

effective-topical-treatments-that-help-reducing-wrinklesFinding an effective treatment to reduce wrinkles is always a challenging task to be performed and to get the optimum result from your anti-wrinkle treatment searching, you must ensure that the product your are going to use contains the following ingredients. These ingredients have been proven through drastic research as effective against wrinkles and luckily most of them can be found in majority of the skin care treatments, both over the counter and prescription one.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids: The AHAs are actually natural fruit acids that helps lifting away the dead skin cell’s top layer which results reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the eyes. In addition with that, latest studies have shown that concentrations with higher level of AHAs may help encouraging the production rate of collagen.

Retinoids with Retin A: Tretinoin, more commonly known as Retin A, is the only topical treatment of wrinkles which is approved by FDA. This is an effective prescription cream that reduces large wrinkles and fine lines, and refurbishes sun damage. There are many over the counter solutions that contain Retinol, a natural type of vitamin A. It has been proven through different studies that in a stabilized formula including high concentration of Retinol are very much effective against skin burning and kindliness without any harmful side effects.

Topical Vitamin C: The Tulane University has conducted a study and found that topical vitamin C helps collagen production to be increased which will protect the skin against damage from UVB and UVA rays, improve inflammatory skin situations and correct pigmentation problems. However, the key may be the category of vitamin C that has been used in a particular solution. Till now, the L-ascorbic acid has been found the most potent form of vitamin C for treating wrinkles.

Idebenone: This is an extremely powerful antioxidant and comes from the Q10 nutrient coenzyme family. The Journal of Dermatology has published the result of their recent study, where they found using this ingredient for only 6 weeks can reduce 26% of skin dryness and roughness, increase the hydration to 37%, lines and wrinkles can be decreased to 29%, and overall 33% improvements can be experienced in sun-damage skin. Similar results have been found through other studies as well.

Growth Factors: These compounds are actually part of the natural wound-healing capability of human body, which can reduce sun damage, while decrease wrinkles and lines if applied regularly.

Pentapeptides: The National Institutes of Health has carried out a recent study and found pentapeptieds increases production of collagen in sun-damaged skin. Various subsequent studies have shown when pentapeptides are topically applied; it can stimulate the production of collagen and diminishes wrinkles and lines.

Effective Topical Treatments That Help Reducing Wrinkles
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