Essential Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

essential-eye-care-tips-for-computer-usersTypical PC users spend quite a few hours of a day in front of an emitting monitor which may cause ample damage to the eye. During a visit to an optician recently, one of my best friends was advised an eye exercise by a specialist doctor for the eyes which he named as 20-20-20. This exercise is very much effective to get relief from the pressure that the eyes experience during long time use of computers.

The exercise actually refers to a step by step procedure that helps the eyes to neutralize the tension and maintains a good blood circulation over the body.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Step 1: After looking into the PC screen every 20 minutes, turn your head to another direction and try to look at an object located at least twenty feet away. By doing this, your eye’s facial length will change which will help the tired eyes to relief some pressure.

Step 2: It is very much important to keep your eyes moisturized. In order to moisten your eyes, blink them for 20 times after every 20 minutes of continuous computer use.

Step 3: If possible, you should walk 20 steps after every 20 minutes of sitting on your chair in one particular posture. Doing this will help efficient blood circulation over your entire body.

Eyes are the mirror of your soul and they are priceless. So, take care of them properly and share these steps among your friends who you really care for.

Essential Eye Care Tips for Computer Users
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