Essential Eye Exercises That is a Must for Healthy Eyes

essential-leye-exercises-that-is-a-must-for-healthy-eyesEyes are the most precious part of our body. They are our gateway to the outside world, this beautiful planet that we live in, its flora and fauna, the stars, the moon and the light. It is through our eyes that we grasp the first feelings of how things look around us. We may touch things, sense things but without the power to actually see them, the real feel of them is incomplete. So we must take good care of our eyes and protect them from any harmful effects. They are the greatest gift of nature and we must do everything possible to preserve them.

Eye care is a much-debated subject with many techniques being introduced or re-introduced quite frequently. With this topic being of high importance in medical sciences, the modifications are bound to happen. Also, with several practitioners practicing different types of eye care mechanisms, there are a variety of ideas that accumulate and then on these ideas, several debates and modifications are made by some other experts and ultimately the best ones are chosen. The following is a simplistic version of the exercises, many of which can be practiced at home or at work.

Blinking your eyes frequently and looking up and far. This relaxes the ciliary muscles of the eyes which adjust the eye lens.

You must make sure that your television, monitor, or book does not produce a glare or an intense shine.

Ultra-violet rays prematurely age your eyes. So make sure that you wear your sunglasses when moving outdoors. Sunglasses prevent the UV rays in coming with direct contact with your eyes.

Cigarette ash and automobile pollution irritate your eyes and redden them. So you should not wear contact lenses at such places. Contact lenses remain close to your eyes and dirt accumulated on them has more chances of affecting your eyes.

Cupping your palms around your eyes, gently without allowing any light for 10 minutes, and doing this three times a day is a simple practice that allows your eyes to relax and then when you expose them to bright day light, they welcome it with a soothing feeling.

If your eyes feel tired, go to a basin, cup your palms with cool water and splash them on your eyes. Cold water provides instant relief to eyes and takes the pressure and heat away.

Take a couple of ice cubes, cover them in a cotton cloth and place it on your eyes. Relax. Let it be for 10-15 minutes. This again takes away the heat from your tired eyes and makes them feel cool and relaxed.

Raise your shoulders and rotate them in a circular motion, continue doing this for a couple of minutes. In the same way, rotate your head by starting with the chin down, then raising it to your left shoulder, next swinging it back and lastly raising it to the other shoulder and finally lowering it to the initial position. Do the same the other way round too. This exercise is very helpful in maintaining good blood circulation around the eye muscles and helping them remain healthy.

Essential Eye Exercises That is a Must for Healthy Eyes
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