Five Fruits that Work Magic on Your Skin

five-fruits-that-work-magic-on-your-skinThough most people take it so lightly about fruits, but you should know that it is important to our health and it works a great deal in securing our body from diseases and even enhancing our body structure. Fresh and dry fruits are natural staple food of man and they contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients in a rational proportion. They have excellent enzymes, minerals and vitamins which are easily digested in the blood stream and the digestive tract for cleansing the blood in our systems.

The reason why I should say fruits are vital to our daily living is that they have a natural effect on our body like:

• Alkalinizing effect produced from the fruits which is in form of salt and helps the body from toxic wastes overloading the blood stream.

• For hydration in the body especially for the sick people if taken in with the content of vitamins and mineral salts.

• Fibrous matter in fruits helps in the smooth passage of the food in the digestive tract and easy bowel action. It also prevents and cures constipation in our bodies.

• Some of this fruits are rich in calcium and irons which are essential minerals for strong bones and good blood respectively.

There are several fruits that have the essential food nutrients that our bodies need as we live but here are the most important fruits that work magic on your skin.

1. Apples: not only does the apple contain vitamins and minerals but also have tannin and pectin substance in them that help to improve the circulation of blood in the system, prevents the skin from being loose and assists your tone too. The apples work great for people with sensitive and light skin.

2. Bananas: softens dry skin by revitalizing through the use of substance contained in fresh, ripe bananas which improves on the appearance of your face.

3. A papaya: this is a perfect purifier to people with oily skin; it also helps to repair broken skin and then lightens your skin colour. All these are done because of the enzyme produced by a fresh papaya called papain. If you are to apply these you have to mix ripe papaya pulp or with honey, oatmeal or cud on your face 10 minutes and you will see what happens to your face. It will look like the one for 2 days baby.

4. Pomegranates: this type of fruits works magic to your skin especially for oily and combined skin. The substance from the pomegranates fruit juice creates caustic enzyme which helps to improve the toner. When using it you have to batter the fruit seeds to be used to scrub the face which removes all the oil leaving it fresh. And the other way is using a cotton wool to smear the juice on your face, then after 10 minutes you can remove it your face will be perfect.

5. Oranges: this is best known for toning character because of caustic substance it has which also improves on the broken skin and lighten the colour. The instructions are simple just rub the frozen juice on your face and you will see the magic results after 10 minutes.

Five Fruits that Work Magic on Your Skin
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