How Anger Can Cause Harm to Your Health

how-anger-can-cause-harm-to-your-healthEverybody gets angry, and everybody has a reason to get angry. Right from your one year old child to the eldest member in your family gets angry. Where ever you go, whom ever you meet, you will definitely come across somebody who is in anger. It is something very common in our life.

But, have you ever wondered why people get angry. If you go and ask somebody why the other person is angry, they would say he is mad, and he only knows to get angry. But that is not the actual reason. Anger can be caused due to two main reasons. One is hereditary. And the other is acquired. In case of hereditary, either one or both the parents are disposed towards anger. And in case of acquired anger, the child from childhood is constantly exposed to anger. Where the child assumes that, if he wants to get something done, the only way is to get angry. For example, when there is a lot of commotion at home, where one person does not respect the other, the child also feels the same, that it is alright, to get angry as far as he gets his way going.

You know there is a list of things you loose when you get angry. As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”, anger can cause great damage to your life. It causes a number of illnesses like, headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, heart ailments and even sexual problems. At your workplace if you get angry, there will be in friction among your colleagues, nobody, would like to work with you, you will indirectly loose good relationship with your fellow workers. You will loose your customers, who keep your business running. Nobody would like to work under a boss, who gets angry, and of course they will be waiting for a chance to bring you down, thereby you loose your job.

Again at home if you get angry for everything, the atmosphere itself would be different. Your children would get scared of you; none of your family members would be able to approach you with their issues, which can become a big problem later.

I definitely, know that you do not get angry purposely, at that particular situation you don’t know that you do, and later repent for it, which is of no use. I’ll give you some simple tips to control your anger.

• The easiest way, is to count numbers from one to ten and then take a decision.

• If you are very short tempered, the best way to control your anger is to do yoga and meditation. Which will teach how to control your emotions?

• When you start getting irritated, just move out of that place for some time; do not wait there, for you to get boiling.

• Do not have any grudge on anybody. Express yourself and pour out your emotions then and there in a most assertive way. Do not carry it along with you.

Danger is just one letter less of anger. Be a little cautious; feel that you are important to your family, friends, society and the world. Everybody likes you, and wants to move around with you. And lead a very happy and healthy life.

How Anger Can Cause Harm to Your Health
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