How to Beat Stress Using Breathing Techniques

how-to-beat-stress-using-breathing-techniquesStress management is something every body needs to be aware of in today’s world. Nowadays everyone is leading a very busy, stressful and tension filled life. Even the children are not spared, they are so hard pressed for time with the various activities, projects and to top it all the tough competition, so we can say that every body is under a lot of stress, strain and tension so it has become mandatory for everyone to have some knowledge of stress management which will enable you to relax and stay calm and to take up all the challenges life throws at you.

There are certain breathing techniques which help us to relax. According to yoga, our wellbeing is linked to our breath and if we breathe correctly then we can be assured of improved health and emotional stability. In case you are feeling frustrated, dejected or exhausted then you can try out these simple breathing exercises which will not only calm you but will also help in keeping you more focused.

• Counted Breath: – sit comfortably, your spine should be straight, close your eyes and keep your feet on the floor take a deep breath through your nose and slowly release it, do it a couple of times.
• Rainbow Breathing: – sit comfortably, with your body relaxed and spine straight, close your eyes and try visualizing a rainbow. Choose the color which you like and try to imagine you are breathing through these colors.
• Logic Breathing: You can try out yogic breathing, for this you have to lie down on the bed keep your left palm on your chest and your right palm on your lower abdomen and slowly breathe.

There are many healthy diets, exercises and medications for stress management. But these are completely natural remedies that you can follow to ease your tension and refresh you without any side effects.

How to Beat Stress Using Breathing Techniques
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