How to Use Yoga to Lead a Healthier Life

how-to-use-yoga-to-lead-a-healthier-lifeThe ancient Indian tradition of yoga involves a wide variety of mind-body exercises, ranging from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation. Yoga exercise may be tailored to the needs of the individuals with health problems. Besides helping particular disorders, regular yoga practice also boosts energy levels and improves all-round wellbeing.

The philosophy behind yoga encompasses every level of existence, from the physical to the spiritual. Indian doctors have long relied on yoga, and today many of India’s yoga therapy clinics are associated with hospitals. In the west, psychologists and doctors now widely use relaxation techniques derived from yoga for the treatment of anxiety and stress. They are also beginning to recognize the value of yoga’s postural, breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises for the treatment of many other common conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, migraine, obesity, and premenstrual syndrome.

Breathing is the important thing happening in our body. It is one of the few bodily processes that are governed by both the central and automatic nervous systems. In other words, it is controlled automatically, so that you can continuously breathe without thinking about it, but you can also intervene consciously in your breathing patterns. This provides a very important link between mind and body. Yoga uses exercises to correct poor breathing patterns, which can have profound effects on general health and on particular disorders, such as asthma and anxiety.

There are several different forms of yoga: two of the most popular are Hatha (balance) yoga and Iyengar (power) yoga. Hatha is classical yoga and it involves slow, gentle movements. Iyengar yoga is more strenuous.

In Sanskrit the word yoga connotes joining and integration. Those who regularly practice yoga often achieve an enhanced sense of inner harmony and confidence, as well as improved physical coordination. Just make the most by practicing yoga and changing according to the need of your body.

How to Use Yoga to Lead a Healthier Life
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