Importance of Breastfeeding for Babies, Especially Newborns

importance-of-breastfeeding-for-babiesespecially-newbornsBabies truly are gifts given to us by God. As parents we never stop to care, adore and love our newborn babies. Babies are precious, as mom and dad it’s a must that you take good care of your baby. Nutrition wise mothers have a choice, there’s a highly recommended feeding, and it is thru breastfeeding.

It was already fully developed since past times, the healthy benefits in breastfeeding. Immunological benefit truly is the major reason as to why breastfeeding becomes a highly suggested feeding for infants, to have good health. Also, breastfeeding’s advantage will be better digestion, protection towards allergies and infectious diseases.

Resistance against infectious diseases

Breastfeeding do provide babies of many benefits and immunological advantages too. A mom’s immune system becomes mature with time, so she will have the chance building up resistance to diseases or infections that cause pathogens. This protective resistance can be passed to the baby from the breastmilk formed as antibody.
There are certain microorganisms coming from babies that the mother can pick up due to your close contact, thus, a mother develop an antibody for those pathogens that her baby might pick up. Breastfeeding do provide babies of ongoing sources of antibody, which a baby’s immune system hasn’t developed.

Better Digestion

Through breastfeeding, meconium was eliminated, this is a substance (stool actually) which was in the intestine of an infant.
Unlike the commercialized prepared milk formula, the breastmilk do change in a lifetime, in the relationship of mother and infant. Through breastmilk the baby does meet its needs in nutrition, in every stages of his or her life.

Additionally speaking, the breastmilk offers different protection factors, to the infant’s digestive system, protecting him against diarrheic type of condition.

The close contact of a baby to its mother in breastfeeding does provide vaccine on the safe bacteria which a baby needs to colonize intestinal gut. These certain microorganisms, they are providing its basic material needed in manufacturing the vitamins as well as digestion of food when the infant’s digestive tract already matured.

Protection to allergies:

Babies are not supposed to be allergic on their mother’s breastmilk. Proteins in the breastmilk have been species specific, so babies can’t be allergic. Babies on their first weeks still has an immature lining of gut, it means that it enables a large molecule leak on this intestinal gut. If this protein passes through the baby’s immature immune system, allergy might result.

Through breastfeeding, an infant is protected against the allergic reactions and provides infant the substance called Secretory IGA. It is an immunoglobulin found in breastmilk and colostrum, preventing absorption of a foreign molecule when an infant still has an immature immune system.

Healthy advantages in breastfeeding is very popular, pediatricians are highly recommending this method of feeding infants during its 1st year. The major benefits of breastfeeding are well developed in the scientific community or research and they advice to continue this up to the baby’s 2nd year.

The benefits accompanied by breastfeeding really are wonderful both to babies and mothers. To encourage and support mothers to breastfeed, the society will ensure healthy and happy babies in the future.

Importance of Breastfeeding for Babies, Especially Newborns
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