Importance of Food Planning to Remain Healthy

importance-of-food-planning-to-remain-healthyDuring special events, there’s a demand for planning of foods. According to events and nutrition experts, here are some of the recommended foods for extraordinary situations.

If you’re taking physical activities:

• During sports competition – to exercising enthusiast and athletes, nutritious foods are important for the physical performances. It means eating carbohydrates, fats, minerals, protein, water and vitamins. Being dehydrated might hamper your aerobic, endurance and strength capacity. Be hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids or water. When you’re competing at a whole day event, you need to plan for the snacks and meals which you’re used to eat. You need to avoid experimenting on foods during event proper. You might as well tryout this:

3 to 4 hours before the game – a bread w/a low fat cheese. Pasta that has lean meats, cereal w/a none fat milk. Sports drink.

To exercise with your stomach still full isn’t ideal; the foods remaining at your stomach can cause upset stomach, cramping and nausea. Digestion is taking up to 3 hours before completion.

• During travel – a traveler might become prone to motion sickness and is easily dizzy and nauseous and vomits a lot. According to the Lila Anastas, an author in VFW magazine, she wrote Staying Healthy while Traveling. Those people who are having motion sickness should avoid eating too much or drinking alcohol. They might as well drink lots of water, should be 4 ounce an hour when flying, then refrain fatty, heavy foods that are difficult in digesting. Check out your consumption of a caffeinated drink. Before and after flying, eating lighter meals or snacks, which is higher in proteins but lower in fats, is recommended. If you’re travelling on road, she recommends eating when traveling; you bring cooler or brown bags. Do not rely on a vending machine, food establishments offering quick service and convenience stores. Here are some foods during road trips:

o Different kinds of fruits – fruits are considered thirst quenchers and it takes off hunger. Its low on fat as well as an excellent source of vitamin C and A.

o Single portion beverage – you need to keep a boxed or canned milk or fruit juice cool in an insulated, small container on a chiller pack. An insulated bottle on a vacuum works well too.

o Nonperishable, portable foods – foods like cracker, peanut butters, raisin as well as dried fruit, which are ready to eat, are excellent snacks. Including popcorn, cereals and pretzels. You may tuck away packs of instant oatmeal’s for an easy, hot and quick breakfast.

o The perishable food – make use of insulated coolers on cheese, stock sandwiches and yogurt.
If you’re under a mental pressure

• Interview for a job – you need to reduce your nervousness, get some relaxing sleep the night before the interview. During the day, eat breakfast complete with rice, meat, poultry or fish as well as beverages. Ideally, fruits that are rich of vitamin C are recommended. Do no skip your breakfast, if you lack, it affects the performance later on.

Importance of Food Planning to Remain Healthy
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