Information and Tips You Don’t Know about Acne

Information-and-tips-you-dont-know-about-acneEven though, acne is a universal problem among teen-agers and youth, a major part of the victim still doesn’t know what acne is, why they are getting affected and what they should do. Actually, acne is nothing but a hormone imbalance of the body. Both male and female skin contains testosterone which is responsible for breaking out the skin. A quite unfamiliar fact is, to make testosterone in the male body; it has to make female hormones first. Which means if you have acne, your testosterone level is not abnormal rather you got skin that is reacting abnormally with this hormone.

Generally, the testosterone production starts around the time you begin sprouting body hair. This hormone tells your skin glands (sebaceous glands) to generate oily stuff named sebum. Here the problem of acne arises. The tubes that hold the root of each hair becomes gummy and get somewhat blocked, resulting you the blackheads. And if the tubes got completely blocked by the sebum, you will have a big acne.

You can find plenty of acne treating techniques around but most effective is natural treatments and your positive awareness. Here you can find few necessary info and handy tips that will help you follow the right acne treating path.

If you experience an angry looking red acne, don’t touch it right now. If you squeeze it now, you will don nothing but forcing the contents deeper into your skin which will make the situation worse by turning it into angrier, redder acne than you had earlier. Go for it when you see a yellow custard top, but in a particular method of course.

Wash your hand carefully to avoid infection. Then put a soft tissue over your finger, since you certainly don’t want the contents splashed all over the mirror, and doing this will ensure the content remains on the tissue. Now start squeezing gently using the end of your finger and the side of your thumb. Never use your nails, since this will eventually damage your skin. After applying a good amount of pressure, if something isn’t happening and clear fluid and blood starts to come out instead of yellow grotty stuff, stop now and apply antiseptic on the wound. Now rinse your hands again. An un-squeezed yellow top will take more time to heal than a spot that has been cleaned in this way.

If you left acne untreated, they may lead to problems like blackheads and whiteheads. The squeezing technique for both black and whiteheads is almost same as above. Just be careful, if they are black, squeeze them. But if they are white raised lumps and small, leave them alone.

Information and Tips You Don’t Know about Acne
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