Information on Gallstones Symptoms, Risks and Treatments

information-on-gallstones-symptoms-risks-and-treatmentsIt looks just like you expected from its name, it’s like a small stone. It varies greatly in terms of sizes, from tiny gravel like particles up to a bigger stone which fills up your gallbladder.

Gallstones mostly are from cholesterol & calcium. There are some, about 5% at Australia, that are made up of bile’s pigment and it tends in becoming dark and softer too. The stone pigments are typical to Asian origin or anemic people (those with few RBC) because of increased rates of breaking down of RBC.

Who are at risk of getting gallstones?

This is a very usual condition. There are 10% rate from Australia 40 years old and above who has a gallstone, but a lot of them never knows that they already have, because they have any type of symptoms. There’s an old medical saying about gallstone condition and people who are fair, fertile, female, fat and forty. Just like the proverbs there’s a truth on it; let us take some closer view on it:


Having a fair complexion instead of black skinned complexion gives a much greater risk on your part. The people who gets the highest risks incidence is Pima Indians. There’s 90% rates of women there who are 50 years old and above having gallstones. The white skinned are developing it greater than the black skinned people, disregarding the weight.


There are lots of doctors who thinks that women who have many babies in a lifetime gets higher factor on getting gallstones, having more babies risks you to get stones. Some analysts found out that risks do appear because of the reason that as woman are increasing weight in every birth and with gaining of weight, its responsible in the risks of getting gallstones.


It’s really true. A gallstone is usual in a woman rather than a man.


You’ll definitely be at risk of developing gallstones when you’re overweight, especially if the woman is under 30 years old. Specialists already estimated, a young woman and overweight will be at risk of getting gallstones as compared to women of similar age yet not very fat.


As long as you are older, its seems that you’ll be at risk of gallstone. 40 years old isn’t a magical number, its due to the fact that a gallstone is not common to young people.

Gallstone Treatment

These days, gallstones had been treated via surgical incision or gallbladder removal. But, lots of people heard of substitute treatments and they are asking about it. Below are non-surgical types of treatments.

Can gallstones be dissolved?

During the year 1980s, even before the surgical alternatives are developed for a gallbladder problem, there’s an excitement in the chance of dissolving a gallstone. It’s highly desired that when you get an effective drug being developed patients with gallstones are spared of discomfort, possible complication and expenses in surgical operation of gallbladder. There are several companies who spend a lot of cash to develop medications for gallbladder related diseases, however, this early promises lead in disappointment.

Information on Gallstones Symptoms, Risks and Treatments
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