Key Reasons of Hair Loss

key-reasons-of-hair-lossHair loss is a common issue among both men and women and in both cases, the reasons are quite similar. Well there are more than a few reasons that may trigger the hair loss process and here we are going to discuss about few most significant ones.

Long Illness: A common cause of hair loss among both men and woman is serious illness for a longer period of time or a very stressful family strife period. Point to be noted that stress can cause many other problems with your body aside from excessive hair loss.

Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalance can happen through various thyroid diseases and this imbalance can cause serious hair loss. On the other hand, correcting a hormonal imbalance such as the excess of estrogens or androgens could cause hair loss as well.

Pregnancy: Hair loss after pregnancy is another common issue in many cases due to loss of balance in hormones. However, this usually gets cured on its own after several months when the hormones go back to normal.

Infections: Certain degenerative diseases or fungal infections can cause hair loss. In such conditions, you must consider purchasing an anti-fungal lotion or shampoo in order to overcome these fungal infections that trigger hair loss.

Genetic: Genes are the biggest factor for hair loss that passes on from one generation to another. There are no definite indications from which part (father or mother) people get these genes, it is simply luck if you have this problem from any of your parents.

Hair loss in men is more dramatic, and trails a specific pattern of hair loss named “Male Pattern Baldness”, caused by di-hydro testosterone (DHT). Main factors on male hair loss comprise hormones, heredity and aging. On the other hand, women hair loss is frequent after menopause and 2 or 3 months after delivery. Other contributing factors are poor diet, acute illness, poor circulation, radiation, high stress, chemotherapy, certain drugs, thyroid imbalance, diabetes, contraceptive pills, high doses of vitamin A, sudden weight loss, iron deficiency, high fever, ringworm, chemicals like hair dyes, some fungal infections and lack of appropriate nutrition.

There are few reasons behind premature hair loss, they are:

• Nutritional deficiency or dietary imbalances.
• Stress and weakness from overwork.
• Using abrasive hair lacquers, shampoos, dyes and bleaching.
• Genetic factors.
• Endocrine disorder
• Infectious diseases
• Protein deficiencies in hair cells
• Changes of metabolic hormone in lactating women

Key Reasons of Hair Loss
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