Removing Junk Foods from your Child’s Diet

removing-junk-foods-from-your-childs-dietCakes, candies, carbonated beverage, chewing gum, French fries in fast food chains and salty snacks, a child love eating them. If its taken after breakfast and after lunchtime it will surely ruin their appetite during lunch and dinnertime, according to Joan Sumpio, she is the chief dietitian or nutritionist in UST hospital at Manila, Philippines.

A junk food is just an empty calorie, according to Dr. Dolojan. An energy dense, high in fat, salt, sugar, poor in nutrition and starchy, they’re not part of the 5 basic food groups, they contain a small of nutrition.

Dr. Dolojan states that the result of the researches when tested to a laboratory rat, during stoppage of giving fatty and sweet foods, it experienced sudden withdrawal symptom, which includes restlessness and shaking.

The high calorie, fatty foods are creating sufficient change in our brain’s hormone making it hard controlling what we eat.

Junk foods make the insulin hormone go for an overdrive. If the insulin hormone goes beyond their limit in the child’s bloodstream their appetite goes out of control, as stated by experts.

Due to peers

As studied and told by specialists; eating of junk foods, increased viewing of TV and non-physical activities keeps on producing obese kids, which is already an epidemic. There’s an increase of ads in television promoting these products, of different brands. Worse of it, schools has been selling it out too.

It’s really saddening, there are lot of kids who doesn’t want to bring a lunch box to school because of peer pressure and being laugh at, aside from that mothers have a harder time managing their jobs and responsibilities at home so they’ll resort to buying food outside or just give an allowance. Children will just choose those junk foods being sold in school.

What Can Parents Do

You won’t be able to remove junk foods from your child’s diet; however, you’ll be able to do so many things to effectively prod your kid with nutritious foods.

Your child’s appetite must be given attention – s/he must eat for every three or 4 hours per day, 3 meals, 2 snacks with glasses of water. if you’re planning it carefully, s/he’ll be eating nutritiously when s/he’s hungry.

Keep planning a balanced meal – serve the brown rice rather than the white one, veggies and fruits as well as meals rich of protein like fish, lean meat, beans or skinless chicken.

Keep on introducing new foods – children love new foods. When your child doesn’t eat vegetables as they grow up, it takes time before they’ll be acquiring appreciation to it. However, do not despair. Chop a carrot until its invisible on their eyes, mix it on soups, pasta sauce or fried rice. You’ll also be able to get him eat zucchini and julienne carrots.

Let them be involved when preparing a meal – a child will be interested in eating if they are helping you create a meal. Take her or him when buying on the market and let her or him select the product, with your supervision.

Removing Junk Foods from your Child’s Diet
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