Seven Ways to Boost Immune System Naturally

seven- ways-to-boost-immune-system-naturallyThe climate keeps changing round the year. Now due to global warming and other environmental hazards, the climate has become quite uncertain such as rains during summer, torrents in winter, and hot sun during the rainy season. To stay healthy during all these uncertain seasons, your immune system should be really strong. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from cold, running nose, soar throat every single time the weather changes. Given below are some methods to boost you immune system naturally.

• Drink lots of water. Make it a point to drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water every day. Do not drink all the water in one shot; they have to be consumed in ounces through out the day. Drinking water is the best natural means of boosting the immune system.

• Drink lemon juice either mixed in water or tea. Lemon is the right food to maintain the body alkalinity that has a pH value that succors healthful bacteria instead of murderous viruses. Even apple cider vinegar is a good source for alkalinity, but lemon is a better choice as the taste is much better when compared to the apple cider vinegar.

• Avoid drinking coffee. Caffeine destroys the vitamins and minerals present in the body. It also contributes to dehydration to a great extent. Therefore, saying a NO to coffee is also a way of boosting the immune system.

• Consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat fruits which are rich in vitamin C, as vitamin C has sumptuous amount of antioxidants and will also shield the cells of the body. Dark colored fruits like berries, kale and broccoli that are rich in poly phenols and that are necessary to boost the immune system naturally.

• Make sure you get enough sleep since a good sleep is very important for your body. As an adult you should get an average of six to ten hours of sleep every night. Sleep helps in balancing the hormone levels of the body which is a must for healthy immune system.

• Exercise also endows to the immune system. While you exercise, the endorphins of your body are being discharged which is very good for the body. Also try to spend some time outdoors and breathe in some fresh air.

• Take in food that is full of protein. Protein acts as a building block for a strong and healthy body. If your diet does not have enough protein then it means it is rich in carbs which develops into glucose in the body, thus increasing your blood sugar, this will have adverse effects on your immune system.

These are few natural immune boosting systems that are really fruitful when followed. All these methods can be easily followed as a part of your daily routine. When your immune system would be healthy, it will help you fight back any dramatic change in the weather.

Seven Ways to Boost Immune System Naturally
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