Sugar Sweetened Drinks & Excess Calories Contribute To Obesity

sugar-sweetened-drinks-&-excess-calories-contribute-to-obesityTaking too much sugar-sweetened drinks is touted as a possible cause of obesity- a finding which is credited to more than one research firm (reported by associated press correspondent Marilynn Marchione). Soda has been seen as a major cause of obesity; however it is scary to view soda as the individual cause of obesity among people.

In fact, Dr. Michael Thun, while contributing on the same, comments that imbalances in body calories are the main causes of weight gain, so any person who consumes foodstuff that results in the production of surplus calories in the body, should not be surprised when faced with unhealthy weight gains. The epidemiologist Dr went a head to say that no particular thing can be attributed to obesity causes in individual even though the absence of some particular elements in the system can be seen as away of curbing the health condition.

With people seeing sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda as the major cause of obesity does it therefore mean that it is one drink that we should be wary about. Many think it should be a thing to be cautious about for instance, Dr. Fuhrman in his book “Disease Proof Your Child” argues the effect of soft drinks in obesity cause. The book outlines the rising cases of weight gain in USA for the last two decades is as a result of taking sugar-sweetened drinks, especially soda.

This statistics is very evident among teenagers; in fact, it is twice as much among teenagers than any other age group. Of the 34 teaspoons of sugar that the teenagers take per day, seventeen contain sugar-sweetened contents. Coupled with an early introduction of these drinks to the teenagers at their tender ages it is highly possible that by the time you attain the age of nineteen, you should have been hit by overweight. Most of the adverts concerning drinks are directed ate the young.

The reason why soft drinks and processed foods are associated with obesity causes is that they have high level of fructose corn syrup in them. Fructose corn syrup is very high in sugar and can easily cause excess weight when consumed in excess. The drinks are also rich in caffeine which is very addictive, but a possible cause of overweight. Once they get into the system of the kids they will yearn for more as they grow up, and by the time they attain adolescent’s age, they shall have become so much addicted to the sugar-sweetened drinks.

With high number of drinks containing the caffeine contents in them, almost everyone is exposed to some level of addiction. Worse still, there is a high level of fresh foodstuff consumption among children and teenagers. All these are touted as real causes of obesity among people, but to single out soda as the sole cause of obesity in people in misleading. All the substances mentioned have led surprisingly to the high cases of weight gain among many people. If you can keep the substance off your system or reduce the intake the better for you.

Sugar Sweetened Drinks & Excess Calories Contribute To Obesity
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