The Healthy And Smart Cooking Principles

healthy-and-smart-cooking-principles1. Minimize the fat – avoid eating much of the foods that has saturated fat, go for the unsaturated kind. As an example, the saturated food includes; butter, animal fat, hydrogenated oil and coconut. It raises your blood cholesterol level which may lead to heart diseases, arteriosclerosis as well as certain form of diabetes and cancer. While the unsaturated fat includes canola and olive oils, it lowers our triglyceride and blood cholesterols level.

Eating too much fat might result to obesity, weight gain as well as having too much risk in developing chronic type of diseases. Choose the lean, skinless and trimmed poultry, fish and meat, nonfat or low dairy as well as unsaturated fat.

2. Minimize using salt – a salt can cause water retention, it can increase your blood pressure. When preparing meals, try lemon, herbs, spices and vinegar rather than salt. Soy sauce, processed foods, shrimp or fish paste, fish sauce, dips, cheese and gravies had too much salt in them.

3. Minimize the use of sugar – we’ve got so many forms of sugar and it gives similar effects in the level of blood sugar like that of noodles and rice yet it offer no nutrients, stated by Mary Abbott Hess, the author “The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic.” There are sugar which adversely affects the triglycerides, LDL and total cholesterol level. An increased blood sugar level does boost our uric acid, which increase the chance of having gout, as well as depress the immunity levels. Excessive intakes of sugar do increase our risk of having diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

4. Maximize the fiber – fiber restricts overeating, it helps us to have a constant blood sugar level, reduce cholesterol levels, promote a regular bowel movement as well as lessen the possibility of getting cancer. Most of the fiber rich food has strong in cancer fighting phytonutrient like the vegetables and fruits as written by Dr. William Sears and Ms. Martha Sears R.N.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol – an alcohol, it’s loaded of calories. Drinking too much might harm your immune system and temporarily change your way of thinking as well as increase your risk of getting cancer of the colon. An M.S. and R.N.D in University of the Philippines Los Banos branch, in the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food; Aleli Elizabeth Gana recommend eating various food, in the groups of natural and whole forms, much better. She emphasized the presentation of aesthetic food groups.

Skills needed in shopping

Make a plan of these weeks menu as well as the list enabling you to draw that flexible market listing and allows you to get a fresh food this season. In order to lessen the temptation of buying more than your budget, do a shopping with your stomach full and you’re not tired.

Read the labels “very carefully.” Always check the ingredient, its excellent if you compare the serving size, nutrients and weight. Choose the fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy product and grains.

The Healthy And Smart Cooking Principles
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