The Reasons You Should Undertake A H1N1 Vaccine

the-reasons-you-should-undertake-a-h1n1-vaccineSince time immemorial, prevention has been regarded as more supreme to cure; hence evading it is just unfathomable at all circumstances. Vaccines have proved to be the only best way to protect people against a potential death from any infectious or contagious disease. H1N1 or Swine Flu virus, being one of the highly infectious viruses, has raised noticeable concerns in the health sector. Both the World Health Organization and The Centers for Disease Control are forced to put out a World-wide alert about the seriousness of the disease and its potency of infecting and killing hundreds of millions if left to thrive.

With reports indicating that 700 pregnant USA women contracted the swine flu between April 1 and July 31, of 2009, 100 of them being placed under intensive care and 27 of them succumbing to death, the H1N1 virus cannot be bypassed. It has the potency of causing millions of deaths and severe illnesses.

Probably all people are shivering at the mention of flu, live alone an attack; in fact it makes some feel like they were going to die. But thanks to the discovery of a vaccine that could spare you all these troubles. You will have no reason to avoid taking the vaccine unless you have a severe life threatening allergy to chicken eggs. But for those who value their lives and those of others as well, you will be thrilled by the news of having a H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

The reason why you should consider taking the vaccine is to save the high number of people whose lives are apparently at high risk of getting the disease. Among the groups of people who have every reason to shudder at the mention of H1N1 swine flu virus include:

Pregnant women: Pregnant women and their fetus are having greater risks of getting the infection. If you consider the complications that may arise when you get the infection are very greater than those of taking the H1N1 vaccine.

Caregivers for children: In case you work at a daycare center, do babysitting job, or take care of children, for instance those that are below the 6 months age mark you are highly at risk of getting the virus, so consider taking a H1N1 swine flu vaccinations.

Heath care workers: Another group that is at risk of contacting the disease is health care workers, this is because they are repeatedly exposed and can easily get and spread the swine flu to others. Health care workers are therefore required to receive H1N1 vaccine in order to continue or apply to work at the positions.

Other age groups:6 months to 24 years old age groups are exposed in schools or daycare settings and can easily get infected. If you are above that group 25 but below 64 you are at risk, especially if you have asthma, respiratory and immune systems weakness complications. For people above 65, you can breathe a sigh of relief, but for surety’s sake take it plus a pneumonia vaccination as many H1N1 deaths are pneumonic in nature.

No need to expose yourself to the disease when you can prevent it, get the safe vaccine and save the current and future generation from becoming extinct.

The Reasons You Should Undertake A H1N1 Vaccine
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