Tips on how to curb your diet after quitting smoking

tips-on-how-to-curb-your-diet-after-quitting-smokingSmoking is a habit which is very hard to kick. However, you have quitted that bad and harmful habit after a lot of effort, but still you are in danger of gaining additional weight because of the replacement foods that you are relying on to stay away from then envy of smoking again. Therefore, you have to curb your diet carefully after quitting smoking. Here are few diet tips that you can follow to curb your diet after quitting so that you do not gain weight.

• You might want to have a snack at all the time as a replacement. So you have to be strong enough to say no to all types of junk food like burgers, fries, chips, chocolates and other sugar coated drinks.

• You can opt for all the health food like fruits and vegetables. So whenever you have a craving, you can have a healthy snack. That way you can get extra energy instead of gaining a lot of unwanted weight.

• Get into the habit of exercising. Though it might be difficult at the beginning, you can start off with moderated exercises. This will help in the weight loss that you might have gained after quitting smoking by stuffing yourself with food.

• Whenever you have an urge to eat something, drink a lot of water. Water will help you being healthy from all means and will let you curb the urge to eat.

• You can learn to distract your self whenever you feel like eating something. You can enlist the help of your family and friends for the same.

• You have to replace all your fried food and take in a lot of healthy diet like green teas, yogurt which will help you in reducing your weight and at the same time curb your diet after quitting smoking.

Tips on how to curb your diet after quitting smoking
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