Tips on How to Know If Your Heart is Healthy

tips-on-maintaining-a-healthy-heartHeart disease is becoming very common these days. More and more people are falling victim to this killer disease. In case you want to prevent being the next victim then you should enlighten yourself regarding this ailment and also the steps to be taken so as to prevent heart disease. You should always be in picture of your family history because heart disease has a genetic factor to it, but still you can avoid it by taking the necessary precaution. To avoid heart disease you should eat a healthy diet, you shouldn’t smoke and you need to exercise regularly.

• In case you exercise regularly and if you are into cardiovascular exercises and while doing it you don’t experience any kind of discomfort or excessive sweating then it shows that you have a healthy heart.

• If your diet comprises of low fat food, fruits, food containing a lot of omega 3 fatty acids then the chances of developing heart disease is quite low.

• If your weight is in accordance with your height and age, your BMI (body mass index) is between 19 to 25 then you are not at risk of heart attack.

• If you don’t have high blood pressure and high cholesterol then again you have a healthy heart.

• This can be determined by regular checkups. It is very essential to go in for regular screening because you can never know when the numbers go up and if you are aware of your numbers then accordingly you can take action.

Prevention is always better than cure, therefore we must be prepared for facing a heart disease and perform accordingly to keep up with a healthy heart through all possible means of precautions.

Tips on How to Know If Your Heart is Healthy
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