Tips on Using Fitness Equipments

tips-on-using-fitness-equipmentsPeople generally like to stay healthy and maintain shape. Though dieting is one way to stay in shape and be healthy, that alone does not serve the purpose in the long run. A combination of diet and exercise makes a man hale and healthy and in good shape. On average, adults lose 3 to 5 per cent of their muscle each decade. Strength training reverses this trend by building and maintains muscle mass and strength. Strong muscles do much more than help you perform tasks more easily. They also prevent injuries, support and protect your joints and improve your posture.

To stay in shape, several fitness equipments serve the purpose. There are two types of fitness equipments. They are weight or resistance machines and cardio machines.

The cardio machines are aerobic machines at your gym. It may look very different from one another but they all have the same aim: to work your heart and lungs and burn calories. There is no best cardio machine used for the right length of time and at the right intensity, they all provide a good aerobic workout. Some of the cardio machines are cross-trainer, rowing machine, stationery bike, step machine, and treadmill. These machines are for heart and lungs and burns fat, improves muscle tone and bone density in arms and legs.

The weights or resistance machines are intended to strengthen muscles rather than burn calories. They provide an easy-to-use, controlled alternative to free weights. Different machines target different muscles or muscle groups, so you may have to use a range of machines for each session. Some of the weight machines are lat pull down (back), vertical chest press (chest), shoulder press (shoulder), triceps extension (triceps), and leg press (buttocks and thighs). Each machine improves the designated muscle groups and strengthens bone density in the area.

Use fitness equipment to strengthen each part of your body. You will surely look good and when you are healthy it will show on your skin and energy too.

Tips on Using Fitness Equipments
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