Tips on What to Eat to Keep Your Gums Healthy

tips-on-what-to-eat-to-keep-your-gums-healthyTo keep gems healthy, the food you eat have as much affect as regular brushing or flossing. Whenever you eat starchy or sugary foods, the bacteria get a chance to form tooth-decay, which will result bad breath and deep harm to your gums. This is why, choosing foods are vital in order to fight bacteria naturally, strengthen enamel, remove plaque and achieve fresh breath. Following are few you can consider.

Celery: As per dentists, Celery will protect your teeth as well as gums in two ways. The extra chewing it needs produces lot of saliva, which effectively neutralizes the bacteria streptococcus, the key cause of cavities. Moreover, chomping naturally abrasive foods will provide massage to your gums and keep them clean. Try a handful of raw carrots once a day.

Cheese: Studies has shown that cheese provides several advantages for your gums with its high phosphate and calcium and low carbohydrate content. It helps to balance your mouth’s pH and also preserves and remakes tooth enamel and generates saliva, which eliminates the bacteria that cause gum diseases and cavity.

Green Tea: With remarkable amount of catechins, Green tea helps to have healthy gums by killing bacteria in your mouth and also prevents bad breath. Drink two to five cups of great tea a day to get optimum result.

Kiwis: No other fruit has as much vitamin C as Kiwis, which can help protect the collagen network of your gums, making them tenderer and more vulnerable to the bacteria. Eat sliced kiwi every morning instead of using oatmeal with brown sugar.

Onions: Raw onion may result some bad breath but onions contain potent antibacterial sulfur compounds that can kill various kinds of bacteria. Add a few slices of onion with your sandwiches and salads everyday.

Parsley: Chewing parsley leaves after a spicy meal helps maintaining sweet-smelling breath. It contains monoterpenes, volatile materials that travel from your bloodstream to lungs quickly, where their scent is released via your breath.

Sesame Seeds: Anthropologists suggests primitive foods like seeds for sloughing off plaque and aid build tooth enamel. Add a tablespoon of sesame seeds on steamed vegetables and salads few times a week to get healthy gums.

Shiitake Mushrooms:
Research has shown that lentinan, a component in shiitake mushrooms, help preventing mouth bacteria prom producing plaque. Take 4 to 5 slices of shiitakes in soups few times a week.

Water: The best means to stimulate saliva and hydrate your gums is to drink a lot of water. Rinsing your mouth with water helps wash away hidden food particles too that decompose and cause bad breath.

Tips on What to Eat to Keep Your Gums Healthy
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