Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy (Phase 3 out of 4)

healthy-heart-tipsThe third phase of the healthy heart tips from Dr. Devi Shetty’s conversation is here. We hope those who have read the earlier sessions will find this one informative and helpful too. If you have missed the previous phases, checkout useful healthy heart tips.

Ques: Many of us are leading irregular lifestyle without an organized routine and many times we have to work late nights in office. What is the affect on our heart and what precautions would you like to recommend?

Ans: When you are young, you are protected against all these irregularities by nature. However, as you grow older, you must respect the biological clock.

Ques: Will taking anti-hypertensive drugs have some short or long term complications?

Ans : Yes, most drugs have a number of side effects. However, recent anti-hypertensive drugs are tremendously safe.

Ques: Will consuming more tea or coffee lead to heart attacks?

Ans : Absolutely, No.

Ques: Are patients of asthma more prone to heart disease?

Ans : No.

Ques: How would you classify junk food?

Ans: Fried food like McDonalds, Kentucky, masala dosas and even samosas.

Ques: You mentioned that third world inhabitants are three times more vulnerable with heat attacks. What is the key reason for this, since Europeans and Americans are also eating a lot of junk food?

Ans: Each race is vulnerable to some illness and unfortunately, third world residents are susceptible for the most expensive disease.

Ques: Does consuming bananas help decrease hypertension?

Ans: No.

Ques: Can a person get some self-help during a heart attack? We have received a lot of forward mails on this issue.

Ans: Yes. Lie down at ease and put an aspirin tablet of any type under the tongue and ask the person who is closest to you to take you to the adjacent coronary care unit with no further delay and do not kill time for the ambulance because there is a thousand reasons out the road that the ambulance will not come on time.

Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy (Phase 3 out of 4)
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