Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

tips-to-prevent-hair-lossThere are many reasons which attribute to hair loss. It can be lack of vitamins, pollution, lack of sleep, aging and many others. Regardless of the reason which causes hair loss, there are a lot of effective tips to prevent hair loss. Below are a few that you can rely on.

• The first and foremost point to prevent hair loss is to keep your hair clean. You must wash your hair in regular basis. If your hair is exposed to a lot of pollution then it is advised that you wash your hair every alternate day. In case you use any chemicals on your hair like, hair sprays, lotions or creams, then make sure that you wash your hair every time you use them.

• Do not comb or brush your hair when it is wet, your hair will be weak when it is wet, so if you comb when the hair is wet then there will be a lot of hair loss.

• Do not go by any brand of shampoo that is sold in the market; take some time to find which one suits your hair best and then start using it.

• Oil massages are a must. You must massage your scalp every fortnight. Coconut oil is the best; however, you can even use olive or almond oil.

• Eat healthy; include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Especially, food which is rich in iron content. Drinking coconut water will also prevent hair loss.

• Applying henna in regular intervals will also help you to prevent hair loss. You can even mix curd along with henna powder, this mixture will also help in reducing hair loss.

Just bear these simple tips in mind, and they will work wonders for you hair.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss
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