Types and Causes of Aging

types-and-causes-of-agingWhat is the cause of aging, how does one slow it down? Modern days also lead to quick treatment for so many diseases. But how about the aging processes, what is the excellent cure for this?

Aging has 2 types. It can be due to extrinsic or the external type of aging, it’s influenced by environment and intrinsic or internal type which is genetically acquired.

The internal type of aging is popularly known as the natural, it starts during 20-30 years of age. The individual’s skin collagen is slowly produced. The Elastin, which is a substance allowing our skin to return to its place is losing spring. The dead skin cell doesn’t shed quickly like before and the turnover of a newer skin decreased slightly.

The external type of aging is due to another packaging of extrinsic factor, among them are:

1. Sun – even for a few moments in a daily basis with no protection from the sun causes premature type of aging. Aging spots, freckles, leathery and rough type of skin, spider vein in your face and fine wrinkles which disappears when the skin is loosed, stretchy, it can also cause skin cancer and blotchy type of complexion. The photo aging amounts, the dermatologist’s term used for extrinsic aging type, which is dependent on:

i. Color the skin
ii. The history of a person’s exposure to the sun. A mestiza having a fair skin and got history of sun’s exposure will develop photoaging. For those with morena type of skin, signs of photoaging will commonly be limited to finer wrinkles.

2. Exercises for the Face – are you performing exercises for your face, always reminded that it helps in maintaining younger looks? It won’t. A lot of facial exercises lead to a wrinkle and fine line. When the skin ages, it also loses elasticity. It also stops returning to a non-line free states and becoming totally etched on your face as a wrinkle.

3. The Gravity – it constantly pull down your bodies. Gravity causes tips of nose to sag, elongated ears, fall down of eyelids, disappear of your upper lip and pronounced lower lips.

4. Position as we sleep – when we sleep and its on a similar position in every night for a year, it will lead to a sagging of your skins surface. Try to sleep with your head relaxed.

5. Quit Smoking – it’s really bad for one’s health, it’s the main cause of creases or aging. An individual who keeps on smoking ten plus per day will more likely develop a deep wrinkled skin. A person who smokes a lot tends to acquire unhealthy skin complexion.

Steps for younger looking skin

a. Prevention – you can’t slow down or stop the internal type of aging, however taking good care of our skin slows down the premature type of aging.
i. Avoid too much tanning
ii. Do not expose yourself on the sun when the ray of the sun is very strong.
iii. Make use of umbrella or wide brimmed hat when you go out.

Types and Causes of Aging
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