7 Tips on What Not to Do Right After a Meal

7-tips-on-what-not-to-do-right-after-a-mealMany people are habituated on doing few things that are extremely harmful for their health condition. Most of them do these without knowing the bad impacts and rest know everything but just ignore the potential damage that they are doing on their health. Considering these facts are vital to keep up with a sound health condition and everyone should adapt the following 7 not do dos right after their meal.

Don’t Smoke: Smokers feel the most urge to have a cigarette right after their meal which has shown equal to smoking 10 usual cigarettes. Exercising this bad habit makes the chances of caner higher than any other circumstances.

Don’t Eat Fruits Immediately: When your stomach is full with your meal, immediately eating fruits will cause the stomach to be bloated with air. Always keep an interval of 1 to 2 hours after and 1 hour before meal for eating fruits to ensure better nutrition.

Don’t Drink Tea: Tea leaves contains a high amount of acid which will cause the protein elements in the food we eat to be hardened, thus make it difficult to digest the food.

Don’t Loosen Your Belt: There are many people who like to loosen their belt right after their meal to have some extra comfort with their massive belly. This act is strongly prohibited because it will easily cause intestine to be blocked and twisted.

Don’t Bathe: Bathing right after a meal will cause the blood flow to be increased to the legs, hands and body, thus the amount of blood surrounding the stomach will therefore decrease. This will cause our digestive system to be weakened of our stomach.

Don’t Walk About: This is a common believe that if you walk 100 steps right after your meal, you will live 99 years. In actual fact, this is completely false. Walking will cause our digestive system to be incapable to absorb the nourishment from the food we have eaten.

Don’t Sleep Immediately: If you go to sleep right after a meal, your digestive system will not be able to act properly, thus will lead to infection in your intestine and acute gastric.

7 Tips on What Not to Do Right After a Meal
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