Chemical Element of Cigarette Smoke

chemical-element-of-cigarette-smokeThere might be not a single person around who don’t know the harmful effects of smoking. But unfortunately, people tend to overlook the probable health damage they may experience through this bad habit. However, this article is another attempt to elaborate the injurious elements that cigarettes and tobacco smokes contain and make those realize the necessity of quitting immediately.

Nicotine: Nicotine is a strong insecticide and the most poisonous element for nervous system. If 50mg of nicotine which is equivalent to four cigarettes is injected directly into a man’s bloodstream, he will die in just few minuets. Indeed, many casualties have occurred with children when they swallowed cigarettes or their butts.

Nicotine reaches the brain when diluted in smoke in just seven seconds and kindles the brain cells followed by blocking the nervous impulse. This is the place where tobacco addiction arises. Nicotine is also responsible for accelerated heart beats and all at once it contracts and hardens the arteries, resulting more pumps but less blood received by the heart. Also, nicotine increases the lipid consumption level and induces provisional hyperglycaemia, resulting appetite suppressing.

Carbon Monoxide: This is the asphyxiating gas generated by cars, of which only 1.5% becomes vaporized. Whereas, smokers are inhaling 3.2% carbon monoxide through inhaling cigarette smoke and taking them directly from the source. Hemoglobin is the transporter of oxygen through our body and carbon monoxide fastens itself with the hemoglobin 203 timer quicker than oxygen, thus displacing the oxygen which results suffocating of the organisms. This cause various cardiovascular disorders like blood clots, narrowing the arteries, heat attack, arteritis, gangrene, and many more.

Irritants: The cilia of the bronchial tubes, which clean and filter the lungs, are first paralyzed and then destroyed by these substances. Moreover, they slow down the respiratory mechanism and irritate the mucus membranes, creating infections, cough and chronic bronchitis.

Tars: Since the cilia are blocked already, the tars of the cigarette smoke can easily be deposited and collect on the respiratory tract walls and the lungs, turning them into black. It takes at least two days to start functioning correctly again for the cilia after having a smoke, although only gradually. Moreover, the carcinogenic action of tars is responsible for around 95% of lung cancers. By smoking one full packet of cigarettes each day, a smoker is decanting a cupful or 225 grams on average of tars into his lungs every year.

Tobacco Smoke Chemistry: In tobacco smoke, over 4000 irritating, dissolving, suffocating, inflammable, poisonous, toxic, carcinogenic gases and essences, even more radioactive compounds like nickel, plutonium and polonium have been identified.

It is not expected that these information are quite unique and uncommon to smokers and they will jump start for quitting smoke right away. But actually, things should be like that. However, if you are smoking without knowing these bad effects, you are a dumb person I must say. But if you are smoking after knowing all these, you are definitely the dumbest one all through the world.

Chemical Element of Cigarette Smoke
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