Chest Pains are not Always Denotes a Heart Attack

chest-pains-are-not-always-denotes-a-heart-attackPain in the chest might be due to heart attack or indigestion. To know of the signs during heart attack as well as knowledge to do first aid can save lots of life.

According to Dr. Mark Perlroth, he is a professor of medicine in Stanford University, heart attack tries to mimic several health condition like indigestion, its really essential that you know of their differences, most especially with another type of condition.

Here are the guidelines which might help in making the decision as well as make the correct steps when situation arises:

Cause of Chest Pains

Here are the conditions that can cause chest pains:

• Pain in the muscle or chest wall coming from injuries or exercises can be worsened if the area that sores had been pressed by the finger.

• The pain attacks are commonly accompanied by anxiety, palpitation of the heart and shortened breathing.

• Indigestion, its accompanied usually by belching, burping, nausea, sour tastes in your mouth and heartburn.

• Infection in the respiratory system had been worsened of breathing deeply and coughing.
Symptoms of heart attack

Here are some of the signs of patients with heart attack condition. However, not every warning sign indicated here are seen on patients in every attack. You need to seek medical care for the symptoms that can occur:

• Discomfort of the chest with fainting, nausea, lightheadedness, sweating as well as shortened breathing.

• The uncomfortable pain, pressure, fullness in the chest’s center, which may last for several minutes then go away then, returns again.

• Spreading of pain towards the neck, arms and shoulders.
Prepare Yourself

Take this emergency precaution ahead if ever a family member or you have heart condition or maybe in danger of heart attack:

• Know the hospitals that are close to your place, which provides 24 hours cardiac treatment. Tell your family members as well as friends their locations.

• Post the telephone numbers for emergency rescues near your house phone or you can save them in your cellular phone.

• Suggest to your friends and family members to make a call to emergency numbers if the chest pains do last for several minutes already.
What you need to do:

When you’re suspecting that a person already is experiencing heart attack:

• Make this person chew & then swallow 2 aspirin, but if you’re knowledgeable s/he is allergic, then don’t. Researches recently do show that taking aspirin do increase the blood flow as well as limits the risks of dying to fifty percent. It can decrease the threats of lasting damages with little risks, even if that person isn’t suffering of heart attack.

• Additionally, this person must take nitroglycerin tablets, when available, in order to reduce their risks of death or heart damages. It helps in increasing blood flows to the heart and it’ll lower discomfort and pain.

• Call up the local number for an emergency service. Tell that dispatcher your location and a person is in need of emergency help because of heart attack situation. Do not hang your phone unless you are told.

Chest Pains are not Always Denotes a Heart Attack
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