Diet or Exercise-Which one is the Most Effective Fat Loss Technique?

diet-or-exercise-most-effective-fat-loss-techniqueThere is a common mistake people do when they are going through fat lose process, they focus on decreasing the amount of food rather than increasing the tenure of exercise. A study was conducted on two groups of inactive men, one group of 20’s people and another of over age 65. This study has shown a significant relationship between being inactive and accumulating fat. Not surprisingly, almost all the inactive people of the study had gained body fat less or more.

Leading weight loss experts of recent world are emphasizing on increased physical activities instead of reduced diet. Just being more active in daily life, such as avoiding elevators and climbing the stairs, moving around rather than sitting still or sitting up instead of lying down and showing some enthusiasm and excitement instead of boredom, can burn calories and melt body fat more effectively. Just take the example, our minute-to-minute movement at home or in office can burn more body fat than a half-hour aerobic exercise.

Researches found that, only Americans are spending around 30 billion dollars on diet products and programs every year. Diet programs can surely bring some result. But most of the people who were able to reduce weight through diet programs will regain whatever fat they lost within next 5 years. Recently, a national panel conducted a huge research on commercial diet programs and was unable to find one that can provide long-term success. I believe you have already realized what I am trying to say.

It is certain that people who diet without or inadequate exercising often become fatter with time. Although weight may drop initially while dieting, which is mostly consists of water and muscle. But when the weight comes back, it returns as fat. Being seriously plump and particularly obesity inclined individuals often experience serious health problems and a number of diseases. And since excessive caloric intake can lead to saturated fat, increase your metabolism through exercising regularly to prevent getting fatter over time.

Walking is a great exercise for controlling weight, strengthening bones, maintaining good posture, toning the leg muscles and developing positive self-concept. It is important to know that, walking for longer period of time is more effective than speed. A moderate paced regular walking yields longer workout with not as much of soreness and leads to more fat melted.

When it comes to effective weight loss and a good health condition, diet and exercise are closely inter-related. Exercising without upholding a balanced diet is never more beneficial than intense dieting while remaining inactive.

Diet or Exercise-Which one is the Most Effective Fat Loss Technique?
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