Overview of H1N1 Virus-Things You Must Know

overview-of-h1n1-virus-things-you-must-knowThe H1N1 flu which is known to many people as ‘swine flu’ is the most recent influenza which actually causes illness to many people. The virus containing H1N1 flu normally spreads from one individual to the other in a very fast manner as could be thought. It was at first named as swine flu majorly because; it’s first laboratory testing of the genes contained in this new virus, were quite similar to influenza viruses that normally occur in female pigs(swine) in the northern parts of America.

More often than not, many individuals are asking themselves how the H1N1 Flu is spreading and why so quickly. The truth of the matter is, the H1N1 virus is quite contagious and therefore spreads from one individual to the other. Its virus spreads the same way as to how season flu like cold flu spreads. Flu viruses are commonly spread through coughing, and sneezing, by the people with the influenza. The H1N1 virus turned out to spread in another dangerous way where by if you come in contact with the surface or an object with the flu viruses on it and then you touch your mouth or nose, then you will automatically contract the disease.

It is very easy to notice persons having the signs of this virus in them. The individuals are normally verified with the various symptoms such as fatigue, running nose, vomiting, high fever, coughing, complete body ache, and rampant sore throat. In most cases you will find out that the H1N1 virus could not easily kill but severe illnesses and deaths could result due to the various illnesses that are associated with this virus. For instance, if an individual is suffering from a chronic medical problem like asthma, diabetes, or even a hearth disease and then contract the virus, his chances of surviving are so limited.

Moreover, children of the age of five and below, adults with more than 70 years, and even pregnant women, could face a lot of problems whenever they have the H1N1 virus. Its serious complications could even result to unplanned deaths as they are very dangerous to such individuals.

However, health institutions have come up with various vaccines that can easily help to reduce the spread of this dangerous virus within the various communities. These vaccines could be given to small children as young as with six months to nine years. Within this age bracket, children receive different dosage of vaccines each after a certain period of time. Children with chronic medical conditions are not singled out as they can receive the first half-dose of the vaccine as soon as they clock three years of age.

Once an individual is infected with this influenza virus then, his body develops some immune resistance of that virus so that he is not likely to be infected with the identical influenza virus more than once. So once you have contracted the disease, you won’t get it again. However, it is highly advisable that you observe and maintain high hygienic standards at all the times so as to push the H1N1 virus far from you.

Overview of H1N1 Virus-Things You Must Know
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