Risk and Treatment of Asthma during Pregnancy

risk-and-treatment-of-asthma-during-pregnancyAsthma is quit a common health disorder for expectant mothers and women including even those that have never had it earlier. When asthma attacks you during pregnancy it does not only affect you but can also affect your fetus by cutting back the supply of oxygen. Anyway it should not be perceived that having asthma is going to make your pregnancy difficult and unbearable or even dangerous to your fetus NO! It is well know that expectant mothers with asthma that is under control have natural normal births without complications.

An important fact though is that most asthma treatment and regulators are very safe to use even when expectant. Research done by leading researchers say that it is safer to treat and control your asthma with medication while you are expectant than it is to leave the health disorder without doing a thing during pregnancy. It is time you should visit your doctor and have a chat on the safest treatment and control measures.

Some of the risks of uncontrolled asthma to expectant mothers

For those expectorant mothers who have never had asthma will most likely not consider wheezing and shortness of breathe as asthma attack but if you have asthma you might not take it serious especially if your attack is mild one. But it should be known that asthma can harm you and your fetus if not controlled effectively. These are some of the effects of the uncontrolled asthma to the expectant mother:

• You might have or develop high blood pressure during pregnancy
• You might develop preeclampsia which is a health condition that affects the placenta, kidney, liver and by causing high blood pressure.
• The mother will experience an abnormal vomiting during pregnancy. This condition is called hyperemesis gravidarum
• The expectant mother may undergo labor that does not start naturally hence requires induction and it might end up complicated

While the mother to be has her own share of complications, the fetus also has some while include:
• Prenatal mortality which is death immediately after or before delivery
• Intrauterine growth retardation which is an abnormal slow growth of the fetus, when born the baby will appear smaller than usual.
• There might occur a pre birth before the recommended 37th week
• Low birth weight is also an issue to the fetus if the mother has asthma that is not controlled

How is Asthma treated during pregnancy?

The way asthma is managed whether when pregnant or when not is the same and so there is no miracle in its management. Just like the all people, asthmatic pregnant women should have treatment and plan of action to control the inflammation and prevent asthma attacks. This plan of action should also include, recording of fetal movements among others. If the fetus reduces the movements when you have attacks then it is advisable that you visit your health practitioner so that a remedy is found.

Also if you are seeing ore than one doctor or obstetricians, they should be communicating so that they can reach a lasting control way without delaying. You should also be very keen with your lung functions so that you do not under supply your fetus with oxygen

Keep checking and monitoring the fetal movements daily after the first 28 weeks

Risk and Treatment of Asthma during Pregnancy
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