Sign and Symptoms of Teen Depression

sign-and-symptoms-of-teen-depressionTeen depression is awfully common these days which may create a lot of problems like difficulty in studies, tiff with friends and family, problem in relationships due to generation gap and many more. An actual depression in teens might be hard to diagnose because the behavior of teens generally changes frequently. Different period with changing feelings like ‘it sucks’ or ‘this is great’ are usual. It’s quite certain that teen years are truly tough, but to overcome the depression related problems and enjoy this golden stage, maintaining a balanced lifestyle is vital.

Mood swings and occasional blues are quite frequent among teenagers. However, when it points to teen depression, the symptoms are quite different from the usual one. Depression can really be serious and even annihilate the essence of the overall personality of a teenager. This ultimately may fallout in a sense of sadness, despair and anger. Expert professional advice and early treatment will help you a lot to face this problem.

To detect teen depression signs at early stages, it is important to learn all the major symptoms a teenager can have when he or she is going through teen depression. One good way of curing the condition in the early stage is to talk. Teenagers may undergo a lot of pressures like changes of puberty, bad relation among parents, non-cooperative friend circle, and many more which can be cured only with fruitful discussions.

However, here you can find certain symptoms that you need to observe for in order to recognize teen depression, but it is very significant to be able to distinguish between depression and moodiness among your teen in order to protect the individual from undergoing any further problems.

• Hopelessness, sadness, frequent crying.

• Hostility, agitation

• Irritability, anger

• Withdrawal from family and friends, attempts on running away from home.

• Restlessness, loss of attention in enjoyable activities

• Sudden changes in sleeping and eating habits

• Feeling of worthlessness and guilt

• Fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, lack of energy and persistent boredom

• Self abuse, self destructive behavior, self injury, frequent fearfulness

• Thought of death and committing suicide

• Poor communication, criticizing others, difficulty in upholding relationships

• Low self-esteem, extreme sensitivity to failure, particularly self critical

• Alcohol or drug abuse

• Poor performance and frequent absence in school

Medical experts have shown that early diagnosis and regular medical treatment will surely help in curing this teen disorder. Therefore, you need to aware of the symptoms stated above and keep finding them in your teen.

Sign and Symptoms of Teen Depression
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