Signs of Heart Attack and What to Do

signs-of-heart-attack-and-what-to-doResearch states that the usual time that heart attacks happens during Monday. The second ranking is Saturday. Then the usual time for attacks is when your blood platelets become stickier, an early hour in the morning.

The disease of the heart is very common, however knowledge wise there’s little of it. Do not wait that you’ll be in an emergency room due to cardiac arrest before you’ll start learning about it.

The disease in the cardiovascular system or the heart had been a condition affecting your heart as well as its blood vessel too. According to the WHO organization, it’s already a global outbreak that affects lots of people both in the first world and third world countries. Just in Philippines, its already # 1 cause of death; recently their Department of Health surveys are showing that the disease is accounting in almost 3rd in every death locally speaking. It means that you’ll likely die with this heart condition.

Are you at risk of heart disease?

Even if you have or haven’t got a cardiovascular disease, its important to understand the risks involved there. There are some factors that are changeable, some can’t be. Among these risks factor, which aren’t changeable are:

• Age – mostly death of patients who have cardiovascular diseases are commonly on the age of 65+.
• Sex – there are more men who develop this disease than the women, they usually attack at an early age.
• Heredity – children can inherit this disease from their parents. You’ll be at risk.

What is the risk factor that’s changeable?

Cardiovascular diseases was popularly called as lifestyle disease, what does it mean? It simply means that major factors on cardiovascular diseases are controllable and it can be changed if you change your style on life.

Some of the most modifiable or controllable factors are:

• Alcohol or stress – in drinking lots of alcohol can cause heart failure and hypertension and it might lead on becoming obese. The stress makes you smoke and eat a lot too.

• Diabetes – according to experts, cardiovascular disease are the usual complication on people with diabetes.

• High blood cholesterols – people with cholesterol counts of 240 mg/dL or plus are considered at risk of cardiovascular disease.

• High blood pressure – people with hypertension raise your hearts workload, it cause your heart to become stiffer, larger and thicker. If it happens the blood flows to the brain, eyes, kidneys and heart, thus lead to stroke, blindness, heart attack and kidney failure.

• Obesity – like that of hypertension added weight of body makes the heart works harder, raising the level of cholesterol and blood pressure, thus, and making you affected to another type of diseases including diabetes.

• Physical inactiveness – are you sitting almost all day with your work? The lifestyle is sedentary, making you very lazy in exercising? Just take note: the sedentary type of lifestyle can put you at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

• Smoking – people who are frequently or addicted to smoking are prone to cardiovascular diseases and die on a sudden death, like cardiac arrest. Although, nonsmokers are also at risk. Being exposed to those who doesn’t smoke.

Signs of Heart Attack and What to Do
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