Solutions for Urinary Incontinence

solutions-for-urinary-incontinenceUrinary problems are very inconvenient, painful and sometimes embarrassing. People with this type of condition are embarrassed because of frequent leak of urine. However, there always is a solution.

Our kidneys produce the urine, it is traveling our two ureters then to our bladders, it’s shaped like a balloon, which keeps urine till we urinate. When our bladder had been filled, the bladder’s nerve signals to our brain telling us to void already. The urge coming from our brain prompts us to go to the bathroom. When our muscles found in urethra, a tube where the urine passes leaves our body and relaxes.

Incontinent Person

If a person cannot control his or her urine brought by a blockage of the structures, its called urinary incontinence.

A usual form of this condition is stress incontinence, wherein a small amount of our urine keeps leaking when you’re sneezing, coughing, exercising or laughing. Stress type of incontinence makes our bladder and urethra’s muscles weak, its usually because of repeated pregnancy.

There are times, the weakening of muscles is resulting to a prolapsed bladder or moving downwards to vagina, it further prevents these muscles to squeeze your urethra in a tight manner, thus, cause leakages.

There’s also the urge type of incontinence, wherein our urine leaks out on unexpected time, it can be during sleeping time, after you drink one glass of water. An improper contraction of bladder, it’s sometimes is due to a damage nerves of the bladder by stroke or it can also be because of having multiple sclerosis. There are lots of patients who have both types of incontinence, both types occurs together more often.

Another type of incontinence is the overflowing type; it occurs if a person’s bladder is full all the time thus leaking frequently. Damage from nerves due to diabetes or some conditions might lead to a weakened muscle of the bladder, leading to an overflow type.

In order to handle incontinence, the incontinence type must be known and what causes this are needed to be understand. Several tests are to be done, it can include measurement of the bladders capacity, its pressure and the flow of urine; to visualize urinary tract by an ultrasound or cystoscopy, passage of fiber optics tube can also be done; as well as an actual documentation or observation of leakage and urination.

When incontinence type has been known, a physician may prescribe a combined nonsurgical, surgical method in order to cure incontinence. A nonsurgical means might include exercises in order to have a strengthened muscle that surrounds bladder and urethra, training of the bladder, usage of charts to track the voiding, electrical stimulation and drugs for inhibition of overactive bladders, preventing leakage.

Then for surgical method, it can be required for patients to correct a problem in a structure. Usual procedures can include pulling up your bladder from the vagina, fastened by a sling in your abdomen, and then collage is injected to your urethral tissues in order to implant the artificial type of sphincter in urethra.

Solutions for Urinary Incontinence
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