Tips on How to Understand Pregnancy and Family Planning

tips-on-family-planningPregnancy and family planning are both linked to each other in the sense both are related with reproduction. For a woman to find out that she is pregnant is definitely a matter of joy and she would want to share it with one and all but the first one who needs to know is the husband. Though they might not carry the baby in their womb but their contribution is equally important without which the baby wouldn’t have been conceived.

Pregnancy and family planning is a term which is used very often and normally people tend to think that family planning means prevention of pregnancy, but it means more than that—family planning means deciding on the number of children, planning on having a child and the gap between the children, choosing the right kind of birth control methods so as to prevent pregnancy.

Your husband should be made to understand that it is not a one man game and it is a joint decision. An ideal way of getting things done is building an open communication channel between you and your husband with consideration for the feelings and desires of each other.

Pregnancy and family planning go hand in glove. In fact it is always better to make your husband understand pregnancy so that he is well equipped and would be able to deal with your problems in a better manner to avoid acuter problems like depression during pregnancy. He should be told that the pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters; he has to accompany her whenever she visits the obstetrician so that he is in picture of all the developments and he should be told that his wife will have mood swings too. Also, it is vital to talk with a family planning counselor who can guide you and your husband through the various available options for birth control and help you appraise the pros and cons of each. However, family planning judgments are not universal; each couple is different from their viewpoint and has different needs, but considering some factors such as health issues, personal finances and the time you can afford a child may lead you to the right family planning decision for your future betterment.

Tips on How to Understand Pregnancy and Family Planning
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