What Weight Is Considered Obese Or Overweight?

what-weight-is-considered-obese-or-overweightMore often than not, many individuals have all along been confusing the exact meaning of the words obesity and overweight. They do not actually bring their meaning out clearly as it should be as many people tend to interchange their meanings. However, according to the institute of medicine, the report says that their technical meanings are not actually the same. Overweight refers to the excess body weight which actually includes all the body tissues like the body fats, bones and the muscles. On the other hand obesity refers only to the excess of body fats.

There are high possibilities that one could be overweight and yet cannot be an obese. These do happen mostly and more especially to those people who are working hard on the body building exercises. This do happen majorly because, the body builder gains a lot of muscle during the exercise which actually leads to great development of bones and making the body fats work actively in the whole body. But in most cases you will find out that many overweight persons will eventually become obese after quite some time.

Moreover, it is also quite possible that you will find an obese person who is not in any case becoming an overweight. In most cases, you will find such things happening to individuals who are inactive and are within the expected weight range but happen to be having excess body fats. Those individuals with excess body fats and are not taking part in doing any activity or exercises can easily fall in the trap of being obese. However, due to the inactiveness of the body fats in the body of an obese person, chances of becoming an overweight are usually very high.

Statistics have all along indicated that men are the ones who are at high risks of becoming the great victims of being obese. This is majorly because, the percent age of the fat content in the males body which will eventually lead to obesity is only 25 percent body fat content. This is a very small amount of fats content as it could easily be achieved by a very hard working man who is fond of doing a number of exercises per day. Remember, the body fats content normally increases when one work very effectively and eats very well following all the nutritional values of eating a well balanced diet.

As compared to men, women can really appear to be less victims of obesity but most of them are seen overweight. Women with 30 percent body fat content are considered to be obese making them to really appear the less victims of obesity. A recently released chart which details the recommended weights and heights for the obese shows that woman are the ones who are in the lower end of their appropriate body weight range. Therefore, as compared to men, it is quite clear that women can be great victims of overweight but less victims of the obesity.

What Weight Is Considered Obese Or Overweight?
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