Working Your Way Out of Lactose Intolerance

working-your-way-out-of-lactose-intoleranceOhh, sorry but I cannot eat that! I have lactose intolerance. Are there lots of times already that you’ve declined eating a dessert in the fear of getting diarrhea or being bloated? You thought that you have allergy with dairy products, so you keep on losing an important nutrient in foods with milk and avoids them. Do not stop first your yummy delights like halo-halo, leche flan, and a lot more, there is something you can do for lactose intolerance.

Actually lactose intolerance isn’t allergy of milk. Having a milk allergy is not too common as you might expect. A true allergy has a reaction of itchiness, rashes or breathing problems. At the mean time, lactose intolerance is due to deficiency in lactase.

Lactose, it’s a complex type of carbohydrate present in every types of milk. During process of digestion, lactose was broken down in 2 simpler forms of sugar, the galactose and glucose, possible to be broken down by our body. The lactase, it’s an enzyme needed to do the process. A person who doesn’t have sufficient lactase can have problems in digesting products with milk and its related products.

If the lactose isn’t digested, it will just stay in your intestine. Typically, our intestine will absorb waters you’re taking in. But, if there’s the presence of lactose, the water will be pulled-out in your tissues and go to your digestive organ and straight for bowel and gives you a diarrheic type of stool. And, this water which will not pass in your intestinal wall can cause feeling of being bloated as well as uncomfortable.

So, if you have lactose intolerance its main symptom is discomfort in abdomen, diarrhea, wind and feeling of bloated. But because it can also be felt by patients with other sickness types, it’s important that you test if you’ve got it just for safety measures.

Tests for lactose intolerance

If you’ve got a serious symptom, a special test is available, and BHT or breath hydrogen test as best testing for lactose intolerance. It detects hydrogen, byproducts of a bacteria fermented carbohydrate in your breath. Another test will be BGT OR Blood Glucose test measuring blood sugar level after you take some lactose. Due to the fact that this test needs to extract blood from you, there are many people who don’t like this type of test.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

A simple way will be to maintain levels of lactose in your weekly diet and take a look if it gets better. When those symptoms came back and lactose had been reintroduced into diet, it’s probably correct already.

Several people take about ten grams a day, of lactose with no problems. So stopping lactose totally will not really be required, you just need to become conscious of not overdoing it. Foods which have higher levels of lactose includes: regular milk, yogurt, creamed cheese, and ice cream. The foods and some of the milk derivatives surely can make you go to a restroom if you take them in too much.

Working Your Way Out of Lactose Intolerance
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