How to Prevent Getting Cold

treatment-of-cold-how-to-prevent-getting-coldWhich of the cold fighter works for you? Which doesn’t? Here are the facts:

Never use an antibiotic in treating colds. They’re ineffective already in fighting off viruses.

With our modern day world, there are the emergences of space travels, effective treatments to cancers, yet it’s really confusing as to why science can’t found treatment or cure for colds. There are still no prospects on getting one cure soon, it’s really dim up to now: there are 200+ viruses causing colds and to figure out how you’ll fight them one by one will be a very hard undertaking, it can take specialists ages before completion. With so many cases of colds occurring all over the world every year, the modern science offers only how to ease the colds, it will be easier seeing myriads of common colds remedy for patients, they’ll be able to select on.

However, which of the remedy works best and which doesn’t? Here are the summaries:

1. Eating chicken soup – it’s a traditional remedy ever since 12th century for colds; however, there’s still no scientific proofs that it cures common colds. People who were offered a bowl of soup can testify in the ability for soothing the throat and alleviates nasal congestion. A chicken soup helps in meeting up your body’s energy requirement and fluids in fighting infections.

2. Hot toddy – this is a mixed drink made up of water and liquor, which is preferable to be served in lukewarm, soothes sore throat and cough symptoms. Helping the patient to sleep better. But, its better for patients with colds to refrain from drinking alcohol or caffeine because it might dehydrate your body.

3. Zinc tablets – zinc is a mineral, it is found in lots of sources of food, it keeps your immune system stronger and help in healing wounds. When you suck on zinc tablets, it is believed in reducing the severity and duration of a cold symptom. A scientific proof however is ambiguous. Some research purport zinc supplement might facilitate healing from colds when its taken within 24 hours. Proof of being useful of the zinc nasal gel or spray is lesser, some researches reports that occasional study subjects to a permanent lose of senses when you use the product.

4. Vitamin c – its an antioxidant having wide ranges of function, includes assistance in normal functions of a WBC and for proper healing of wounds. Large doses are recommended being preventive medicine and cure for common colds, however, there are lots of studies resulting to no final evidence. But, if you take so much of Vitamin c you might get diarrhea. Yet, doctors are recommending this for a patient having colds to boost up their immune system.

5. Over the counter remedy – OTC preparations for colds or coughs will definitely alleviate a common cold symptom; however, they’re not cure or prevention for colds. Before you take a medication you need to read accompanying literature of the product and to consult a doctor whenever you’ve got questions or if you’re not better in one week.

How to Prevent Getting Cold
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