10 Bad Sleeping Habits

10-bad-sleeping-habitsSleeping habits can influence a lot on your everyday life. A good sleeping habit can give you a refreshing and energetic day, while sleeping in an unorganized way may lead your day into an uncomfortable one. Here you can find ten most frequent bad sleeping habits that needed to be disarmed.

Don’t Curl Up: Sleeping all curled up can affect your back badly which may lead to an unexpected back pain. Always sleep on your flat out back with possibly a pillow under your knees. Doing this will let you flex your lower back and keep it safe.

Don’t Let Pets Sleep in Your Bed: Asthma and other allergy attacks can be triggered with animal hair. So your furry friends, even stuffed toys that can carry dust mites, are recommended to keep out of your bed.

Don’t Sleep Face Down: Sleeping face down will cause disruption in nocturnal breathing which will make you wake up in just a little while.

Don’t Sleep With Your Eye Make Up: Sleeping without removing your eye make up will irritate your eyes and lead to producing dark circles around the eyes. Moreover, having make up for the whole night long can generate dermatitis. So even if you are completely exhausted, spare few minutes to remove all make up traces from your eyes, face and neck.

Don’t Sleep in Cold Rooms: If you sleep in a full blast air conditioned room, you will feel absolutely cold and therefore, curl up in an unhealthy posture while sleeping which is not good for your spine. Therefore, always keep a comfortable temperature and set your air conditioner on timer.

Don’t Keep Flowers in Your Bedroom: Sweet scents of fresh flowers are not good while you are sleeping since pollen of flowers can trigger allergy attack. But if you insist on flowers, you must consider the lower fragrance type of flowers that will be helpful to minimize this problem

Don’t Keep the Bedside Lamp On: Darkness is essential for a deep sleep and a bedside lamp can interrupt you sleep due to its brightness. If you are very much used to keep lights on when sleeping, try to dim it gradually.

Don’t Clean Your Bedroom Before Sleep: Always avoid cleaning the bedroom after evening since there are many chemical disinfectants that can irritate your nose, throat, skin and lungs. Early morning is the best time to clean your bedroom.

Don’t Sleep in a Newly Painted Room: Varnishes and paints have chemicals that can negatively affect your respiratory system. So it is advisable to sleep somewhere else for few weeks to neutralize the dust and chemicals if you have painted your bedroom lately.

Don’t Sleep Excess or Less: Proper time for sleeping must be maintained in order to keep a sound health. Another thing to remember that as per medical science, woman requires 15 minutes more sleep compared to a man.

10 Bad Sleeping Habits
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