Causes and Form of Headaches

causes-and-form-of-headachesHeadaches are the most common form of illness that people encounter frequently, yet there are many definite causes and individual type of treatments available for different types of headaches. Most of the people are used to have a painkiller immediately after a headache arises, whereas, it’s strongly recommended to find out the reason first and then treat accordingly.

Tension Headache:
This is the most usual form of headaches; around 90% of them are caused by tension. Contracting the muscle layers around your skull is the main cause of tension headaches, which in turn lessens blood flow to your head, thus creating a band of pressure feeling around your head.

Migraine: It is not certain that migraines will always create bad headaches; some migraines never create a bad headache at all. In fact the reason of migraine is a mystery till today. Researches have indicated migraine as a neurological diseases caused by inherited genetic abnormality. Migraine symptoms are usually termed as a “trigger”, which is the beginning of the chain reaction that leads to the migraine headaches. There are few things like modifications in blood vessels, serotonin levels and few others that cause those awful symptoms like nausea and headache.

Sinus Headache: Causes of headache, types and their treatments are sometimes confusing, like migraines are misdiagnosed often as sinus headache. When you suffer from an infection of your sinuses, they become inflamed and therefore, creates headache. Other symptoms that you may usually experience are fever, congestion and fatigue.

Cluster Headache: This is a unique type of headache, but is more painful and attacks men mostly. The reason of this kind of headache is also mysterious. Various researches have been done to crack the mystery of cluster headache and provide relief. However, relation of sinuses, serotonin and the nervous system has been found with cluster headaches.

Causes and Form of Headaches
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